The Detrimental Reasons Why Empaths Attract Narcissist Partners

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Having an empathetic nature is almost like having a super power. It’s ability to read behavior without words, to pick up on someone else’s thoughts before they share them, to understand their feelings when they don’t, and to pick up on their body language when their words don’t match.

However, with every gift, comes a curse. Empaths are empathetic to a fault. They struggle with boundaries and often excuse red flags. These are some of the reasons why even with the best intentions, empaths can attract manipulative partners.

They Fill Up Half Empty Glasses

Manipulative people have a really skewed view of the world. Their glass if often half empty and they’re trying to fill it by any means necessary. They feel as though they need to extort their demands and that this is the only way they’ll get what they want.

Once they see that as an empath, you have a giving nature, they’ll try to take as much water out of your cup as they possibly can. They end up leaving you high and dry once you’re all drained out.