6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Living In An Earthship

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Earthships are sustainable homes that can be built out of a variety of waste and earth. They’re rad in ways no other house can match.

1. Sustainability does not mean living primitively

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When you think about offgrid living, what comes to mind? 18th century candle light living? Not the case. As you can see, just because you’re living sustainably doesn’t mean you’re living in a cave without running water or anything.

2. There’s the free food.


An earthship’s passive solar unit can double as a greenhouse for year-round vegetables. You can also utilize your home’s abilities to catch rain water for watering and other graywater uses.

3. They’re warm even in the winter and provide top notch shelter.


Earthships often sit comfortably at 70 degrees Fahrenheight year round. Solar heat is absorbed and stored via thermal mass, or tires full of dirt. These tires make up the home’s structure. The thermal mass acts like a heat sink, slowly letting heat into the home.

4. Free energy.

Earthships are often designed with low energy use in mind. That means it only takes a few solar panels and maybe a little wind turbine to power them. No fossil fuels, no chopped up birds, just free energy.

5. They’re made of recycled material.

Making them both simple and affordable to build. As we mentioned before, many earthships are structurally made of tires full of dirt. Often, they cost no more than $70,000 at their fanciest and you can make a solid one for $10,000.

6. They make you think outside the box.

Earthships are fun. They’re quirky. They make us think outside the box and rethink how it is that we live. Housing can be awesome and affordable, so why buy a McMansion? Why buy the “normal” ranch style house? We can have so much more.

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