6 Reasons Why Spiritual Leaders Are Often More Successful

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When you think about spiritual leaders, people like Jesus and Buddha might pop into mind, right? That’s a mistake we sometimes make when we consider who spiritual leaders are. You don’t have to walk about a jungle with your devout followers or lead a church or religion in order to be a spiritual leader. A spiritual leader is a spiritual person who can lead in any way, shape, or form.

And before we continue on, we should talk about what success is. Success isn’t always defined as money or power. In fact, in many ways, we define success for ourselves. Successful people feel success in their business, their home life, their non-profit organizations, or even in just being happy leaders.

And these are the 6 reasons spiritual leaders can be more successful leaders.

1. They can think clearly.

Spending time in meditation and in prayer helps clear your mind and help you think about problems more clearly. This is a distinct advantage for spiritual leaders.

2. They can incorporate spirituality to slow down and see the big picture.

Often times, spiritual leaders don’t actually incorporate their spirituality in any way that would impact you personally. They tend not to broadcast it, but they do use it to their advantage. Spiritual leaders tend to slow things down and look at the big picture when things get crazy.

3. They don’t need to show off.

If they buy something with the money they make, they buy it for themselves, not as a status symbol. It’s for that reason that the tastes of spiritual leaders tends to be so modest. That just leaves more money for them to invest back into their communities.

4. They are more concerned with the well-being of their employees than the bottom line.

Spiritual people in general don’t see people as commodities, but as people. They understand that men and women both need time off when they have children, or when they’re sick, or just need a mental health day. They won’t overwork their employees.

5. They measure success internally, not externally.

Often times success for spiritual leaders comes from how they feel, not what they can see. You can have a megachurch or a multinational corporation and still not feel good on the inside.

6. They understand that life doesn’t revolve around work.

But actually the other way around. When it comes down to it, your life, your actual life with your family and friends doing the things you love, comes first. Your work is second. Life isn’t a means to facilitate work, but work is a means to continue on your life.

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