6 Signs A Lost Loved One Is Trying To Send You A Message

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Our lost loved ones may be gone but they are certainly not forgotten, nor are they completely gone either. They have their own way of keeping an eye on us, especially if they have a message they wish to deliver. They will get creative as they navigate how to break through the barrier between our living world, and the one beyond that they are now a part of.

Watch for these signs as they may signal that a lost loved one is trying to send you a message!

Vivid And Reoccurring Dreams

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Elina Krima / unsplash

Elina Krima / unsplash

Lost loved ones may find it easiest to reach out to you in your dreams. This is because when asleep your vibrational energy increases to match the higher energy that spirits hold. This helps break the barrier between our world and theirs and makes it easier for them to step one foot into ours.

Messages from lost loved ones tend to make dreams feel more vivid. Pay especially close attention to repetitive dreams as they signal a message that you’re not catching.