6 Signs A Lost Loved One Is Trying To Send You A Message

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Our lost loved ones may be gone but they are certainly not forgotten, nor are they completely gone either. They have their own way of keeping an eye on us, especially if they have a message they wish to deliver. They will get creative as they navigate how to break through the barrier between our living world, and the one beyond that they are now a part of.

Watch for these signs as they may signal that a lost loved one is trying to send you a message!

Vivid And Reoccurring Dreams

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Elina Krima / unsplash

Elina Krima / unsplash

Lost loved ones may find it easiest to reach out to you in your dreams. This is because when asleep your vibrational energy increases to match the higher energy that spirits hold. This helps break the barrier between our world and theirs and makes it easier for them to step one foot into ours.

Messages from lost loved ones tend to make dreams feel more vivid. Pay especially close attention to repetitive dreams as they signal a message that you’re not catching.

Sensing A Presence

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JR Korpa / Unsplash

JR Korpa / Unsplash

Trust your instinct, because usually if there’s a presence in a room with you when you’re supposed to be alone, you’ll feel it. It may feel like a shiver, or breeze or the room may feel cold.

You might even be able to sense their emotions such as by feeling suddenly overwhelmed with unexplainable sadness or hope. They may not be able to use their words, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate.

Numerical Patterns

man walking past giant passing clock

Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

Numbers hold a lot of power as each digit has a special significance. If you pay attention to the sequence they might end up revealing a special message like an anniversary, jersey number, time, or house number.

It helps to understand what each digit represents. For instance, a sequence of 1s is all about messages of new beginnings while a sequence of 2s may be your loved one trying to say that they love you. Seeing your birthdate might be their way of telling you how proud they are, as they celebrate you.

Butterfly Landings

woman surrounded by butterflies

Jessica Felicio / Unsplash

Jessica Felicio / Unsplash

Butterflies are believed to be a lost loved one’s way of communicating. Think of it like their stamp of approval. The butterfly signifies change and transformation. It can transform into a loved one’s spirit without them requiring to manifest into a physical body or use their energy for an apparition.

If a butterfly lands on your arm, your shoulder, your leg, or your hand, you might feel an immediate spiritual connection with your lost loved one.

Electrical Coincidences

woman holding candle in her hand

Erika Mclean / Unsplash

Erika Mclean / Unsplash

Electricity is said to be easy for spirits to manipulate. They may alert you of their presence by flickering the lights or taking a fuse out.

Sometimes their energy is so powerful that it actually interferes with the electro-magnetic field and causes a power outage. Rather than be afraid, listen to be able to interpret their message.

Communicating Through Animals

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Autri Taheri / Unsplash

Autri Taheri / Unsplash

Animals are much more sensitive to higher energies and the presence of spirits. They are more alert and have a higher capacity to see and sense what the naked human eye can’t.

Look out for unsual behavior in your pets like incessant barking for no reason, staring intently at a void, or stopping stone-cold right in front of you.

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