6 Thoughtful Gestures That Don’t Get The Appreciation They Deserve

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You don’t need to be going above and beyond to make the world a better place. Sometimes change starts on a micro level before its butterfly effect can take over and start to affect one person to another. Showing someone you care with small acts of kindness can go a long way.

This is a reminder that no matter how you feel that day, even simply holding the elevator door open for the person down the hall, might make a difference in both your lives.

Paying Attention To Someone Who Got Cut Off

four women have a picnic in a field

“Asking someone to finish their story if they get cut off in a group. Nothing feels worse than feeling like nobody cares what you have to say, and nothing feels better than someone sticking up for you.” – plant10000

We all long to be heard. No one wants to feel outcasted by having what they have to say deemed not important enough to be heard.

Taking Note of The Details

two men sit in a park talking and laughing

Nicolas Swatz / Pexels

Nicolas Swatz / Pexels

“Remembering little things. The other day I was talking to a friend and told him I just found out my sister is pregnant and he said ‘oh, the one who’s married to Brad?’. It was just nice that he makes a point to remember details that don’t necessarily mean anything to him.” – 01kaj10

We tend to be so caught up in our own lives that we give the bare minimum to the ones of others. Yet what’s the point of doing so much when we can’t share it and celebrate it with our loved ones?

Waiting For Someone To Get Through The Door

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Ketut Subiyanto / Unsplahs

Ketut Subiyanto / Unsplahs

“If you are driving someone home. At night, wait for them to get to the door, unlock and enter before you leave.” – 2cats2hats

We’re usually in such a rush to get from one place to another that we never actually take the time to appreciate the one we’re already at. The same thing happens to the people that we’re with. Waiting for someone to make it all the way to the other side of the door shows how much we care about their safety over our own time.

Smiling At a Stranger

woman smiling with her teeth in a close up

Lesley Juarez / Unsplash

Lesley Juarez / Unsplash

“When you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger and both of y’all smile at each other.” – TrashFireTM

Smiling at a stranger can sometimes feel even more powerful than a smile from someone we love. It connects us to someone we don’t even know and reminds us that we’re all united in this universe, even if we’re on a path that might never cross us back with that stranger again.

Taking A Candid Picture

man taking a picture in a yellow coat

Izzy Gerosa / Unsplash

Izzy Gerosa / Unsplash

“Take candid pictures of a mother with her children. Or frankly ANYONE with their children..or grandchildren..or friends.. doing something other than posing in front of a fireplace at Christmas. You really have no idea how much I treasure the rare glimpses of me interacting with my kids when smiles aren’t forced. Take them, send them, they want them. You don’t have to ask..just.. do it.” – jillaaa

Social media is filled with posed pictures to paint the perfect image of our lives. It’s the candid, unposed pictures that reflect our genuine happiness.

Visiting Someone Who Needs It

“Visiting someone with Alzheimer’s. You will leave with a broken heart and in 20 minutes they won’t remember that you were there. But during your visit, they will hopefully feel loved or at least know someone cares.” – RussO1313

We tend to visit our parents, the elderly, or the sick less because we don’t see the point, can’t do “normal” activities with them, or feel too sadened by their state. However, those are the people who need to be shown that their lives are still worth the most.

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