61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her Own GrandDaughter So Her Son And His Husband Can Be Dads

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They say that blood is thicker than water and that the family bond is the strongest there is. Not only is your family meant to love you unconditionally but they are often willing to go through the most sacrifices to make each other happy. However, should there be a limit to how much a parent intervenes despite their best intentions?

For Cecile Eledge, making sure all of her son’s dreams came true was her biggest priority. Cecile accepted her son for who he was and took in his husband as one of her own. When the couple revealed they wish to have their own baby, Cecile decided that as the mother, t was her responsibility to do everything in her power to help…even if that meant giving birth to her own grandchild.

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Mother Steps In

Matthew Eledge was in a loving relationship with his husband. He was grateful for what he had, a husband who loved him and a family who supported him. He even had a rewarding career as a teacher, caring deeply for each child that entered his classroom. The only thing left that he desperately longed for, was a child of his own. However, on his teacher’s salary, it was difficult to be able to afford a surrogate. The process seemed unattainable for him.

son and husband stand around the mother in the snow
Ariel Panowicz Creative / Facebook
Ariel Panowicz Creative / Facebook

Matthew’s mother, Cecile, saw the deep desire for her son and his husband to be fathers. The two had even started IVF treatments. She decided to surprise her son by offering to carry his baby:

“I thought if I could do it, I would do it,” Cecile Eledge told BuzzFeed News, adding that being the baby’s surrogate “was kind of a no-brainer.”