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7 Affirmations For Slipped Moments Of Anxiety And Self-Doubt

Even the strongest and most confident ones of us experience moments of anxiety and self-doubt. What makes the difference is rather than caving into these moments and slipping further into the feeling until it gets overwhelming, the best of us practice self-awareness. They don't push away or ignore the feeling. They acknowledge it then they consciously rewire it.

We have the power to redirect the waves of our brains. If they flow towards anxiety and self-doubt, we can guide them back through affirmations.

"I Can Feel My Feet On The Ground, And I Feel Present"

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​The first step to restoring balance in the mind is to ground the physical body. When anxiety and self doubt start to take over, it can almost feel like an outer-body experience where we've lost control and are too overwhelmed to process our own emotions.

By taking in our physical surroundings, and feeling the support of the earth underneath us, the power of gravity can remind us that it will never let us fall too far down or slip up too far away.

"I Breath In Peace, I Breath Out Stress"

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This affirmation is a great tool to gain control over our breathing. Anxiety can cause breathing to become irregular or too fast. This can cause a state of panic in the body as it fights harder to intake and release oxygen appropriately.

As you slow down your breathing, you gain back clarity over the mind. You take the body out of its state of fight or flight. Things start to feel less overwhelming and you're able to make a plan of action.

"I Love Myself For Everything That I Already Am"

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This affirmation trains the mind to come from a place of abundance instead of lack. It allows you to focus on what you do have instead of what you don't. You can even say "I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance that is on its way."

This way you remind yourself that you have everything you already need to overcome and move forward but that doesn't mean that you're not able to get more.

"I Chose To React Positively To All Situations"

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The most overwhelming part of anxiety is feeling a loss of control. This affirmation gets you back in the driver seat. you are affirming that you're the one in control, not your emotions, no matter how overwhelming they may feel. And, if you're in control then you can chose whichever emotion best serves you.

Repeat "I am in charge of how I feel and I choose happiness."

"I Release And Let The Waves Carry Me To The Shore"

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This affirmation puts your trust in the universe. You are telling the universe that rather than holding on to negative emotions, you are releasing them. Instead, this affirmation encourages you to go with the flow.

It allows for the universe to guide you. This way even if the path may seem bleak, it will lead somewhere beautiful.

"I Survived This Feeling Before, I Can Do It Again"

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​Usually, if you experience moments of anxiety and self-doubt, you don't experience them just once. Even if you overcome them, they can slip up and come back. However, rather than focusing on the fact that they're back, focus on the fact that you overcame them once before, which means that you can do it again, and again.

It doesn't matter how many times it will take. The point is the certainty that you will.

"I Release My Jaw"

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The mind and body connection is stronger than you can ever imagine. When we're anxious we tend to hold a lot of tension in our jaws, neck, and temples.

By actively visualizing these tension points and imagining their release, we can actually start to feel it. While this is not an alternative to proper medicine, it is a way to feel more at ease and in control of our bodies and feel the results on a spiritual level.


Why Some People See Ghosts While Others Don’t, According To Science

You would be surprised at how many people report sightings and apparitions of ghosts. However, some people are more prone to make these reports than others. For example, some studies show that almost half of widowed elderly Americans see a hallucination of their departed spouse. So are they are real or they just hallucinations we dream of during emotionally intense periods?

That's a hard question to answer because the definition of seeing ghosts can depend on the person. If we a define it as "sensing a presence" then it can be as simply as just feeling rather than actually "seeing." Thsi can happen in all kinds of states like when you're awake, or asleep, and when you're grieving or just focused enough to notice. In all cases, science can now explains why ghosts can be seen by some people, and not others.

The Fear Of Ghosts Itself

woman in black dress standing in front of trees

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Some people are scared of the paranormal. It's not necessarily the ghosts themselves that make them feel uneasy, but the meeting of the unknown and the possibility of something they don't understand that defies the laws of nature as they've come to understand it. For that reason, these people don't particularly enjoy darkness, thunderstorms, or horror stories. However, the brain is funny that way. It's possible that it's the fear itself that tricks the mind into interpreting certain events as "paranormal.' This could be because the mind is already oriented towards that risk. Think of it like when you go do a presentation and work yourself up so you forget all your lines.

On the other hand, those who don't give much thought to ghosts, aren't opening themselves up to the possibility of seeing them. So chances are, even if ghosts are real and have shown themselves to them, these people likely brushed it off with a more rational explanation.

Inability To Breath Properly

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​We take our ability to let the breath in and back out naturally for granted. However, when you actually bring awareness to the breath you can control its speed which can have good or harmful effects on your mind and body. For some people, breathing is actually harder because their brains don't get enough oxygen to operate properly. This could be developed with habits like smoking which is known as cerebral anoxia.

When the brain is deprived of oxygen it can start to play tricks on the mind. It'll see things that aren't there or hear voices that aren't present. These hallucinations can feel like out-of-body experiences and mimick ghost sightings and other paranormal activity.

Being Exposed To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Usually, paranormal sightings are accompanied by physical systems like dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath. Do you know what else causes these symptoms? Carbon monoxide poisoning. So when people report that their house is haunted, they probably should also double-check that their monoxide detector is working well.

This odorless gas often goes undetected despite sometimes having fatal repercussions. People who have been infected by the poisoning are more prone to hallucinations that make them believe in ghosts.

High Stress Situations

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A study tried to find the differences between people who have never had a paranormal experience and those who have. They found that supernatural experiences most likely happened in threatening or ambiguous environments. This means that stress was often a factor and the more in danger a person felt, the more likely they were to "see ghosts."

For example sailors, mountain climbers, and polar explorers often come home with vivid stories of ghosts following them, living in abandoned ships, or sending them rescuers. These people were often in life or death situations that amplified their sense of a paranormal presence

Inability To Sleep Properly

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One of the easiest ways to start losing your mind and ability to tell reality from distortion is by losing enough sleep. Eventually, insomnia takes over the sleep-deprived mind to play all kinds of tricks. Sleep is vital for a sharp mind and alert sensations.

The less sleep they have the more likely a person is to lose their sense of reality and get lost in a world they deem paranormal. Maybe this is the only time they're able to let go of the conditioning that prevents them from seeing ghosts. Maybe that's why children have an easier time seeing them and then grow out of it. Or maybe these people just need more sleep.

Being Surrounded By Technology

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In today's day and age, it's almost impossible to escape technology. We're surrounded by electrical appliances, televisions, phones, even if they aren't our own. To operate, these technologies create strong electromagnetic fields around them. Studies have shown that these electromagnetic fields interfere with our biological setup such as the electromagnetic field which our minds create.

Some people are more impacted and exposed to these effects, making them more prone to conjuring up ghosts. Keep in mind, that often reports of ghost sightings tell stories of ghosts who disrupt these fields such as by randomly turning on the tv or increasing the volume on the radio on their own

Living In Isolation Or Unusual Circumstances

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Similarly as when experiencing high levels of stress people who have become isolated in an extreme or found themselves in unusual environments were more likely to "see ghosts" This is probably due to their need to feel like someone or something else was also with them as a coping mechanism.

Usually, they can't describe the experience in detail but out's more of a vague feeling they remember like someone was watching them. ,

Looking Inwards

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A study proposed that we spend a lot of time processing the sensations from the world around us. But when we encounter a sensation that we're unprepared to process, like extreme loneliness or survival, we start to look inwards. This means that our greatest perception ability is the one we find in ourselves. If you're looking for more information on how you experience the world around you specifically, then you'll need your own zodiac reading

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