7 Affirmations For Slipped Moments Of Anxiety And Self-Doubt

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Even the strongest and most confident ones of us experience moments of anxiety and self-doubt. What makes the difference is rather than caving into these moments and slipping further into the feeling until it gets overwhelming, the best of us practice self-awareness. They don’t push away or ignore the feeling. They acknowledge it then they consciously rewire it.

We have the power to redirect the waves of our brains. If they flow towards anxiety and self-doubt, we can guide them back through affirmations.

“I Can Feel My Feet On The Ground, And I Feel Present”

woman doing a prayer motion on a bridge

Amadeo Valar / Unsplash

Amadeo Valar / Unsplash

​The first step to restoring balance in the mind is to ground the physical body. When anxiety and self doubt start to take over, it can almost feel like an outer-body experience where we’ve lost control and are too overwhelmed to process our own emotions.

By taking in our physical surroundings, and feeling the support of the earth underneath us, the power of gravity can remind us that it will never let us fall too far down or slip up too far away.