7 Benefits Of Practicing An Emotionally Transparent Relationship

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There is, unfortunately, no such thing as a foolproof relationship. We can prepare and plan as much as we want, but humans are too unpredictable and are capable of changing on a dime, leading to all our bracing and worry for nothing.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to improve our relationships though. It just requires equal effort from both sides rather than one half being burdened with all the work. A great place to start is picking a value to bring to the forefront, like honesty, for example.

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Laying The Groundwork

There are a few standard values that two people should consider necessary when it comes to any relationship they have together. Not ones relating to attraction or affection, but instead, core, personal values that uphold what we believe makes us good people. This includes things like kindness, generosity, and empathy. These are all amazing qualities to have on their own but, when incorporated into a partnership, also have the power to elevate things.

A greyscale image of a couple embracing, seen through a transparent umbrella.
Unsplash / Morgan Sessions
Unsplash / Morgan Sessions

A common trait that people wish for in relationships is honesty. After all, how are we meant to be with someone that doesn’t tell us the truth?

Layers Of Lies

Not being honest can manifest in behaviors beyond simply lying all the time. There’s also the act of omission—purposely not mentioning information to get around telling the whole truth. We’re all guilty of this, but is it something we want to bring into our relationships?

A book open on a table, next to it a mug of coffee that reads 'Be Honest'.
Unsplash / Avery Evans
Unsplash / Avery Evans

A good mindset to practice when swimming through the dating pool is the concept of an emotionally transparent relationship. A transparent relationship puts honesty first and asks both halves to share their whole, honest feelings about whatever may be happening.

Incorporating emotional transparency has benefits that can truly help strengthen your next relationship.

1. It Builds Trust

Practicing emotional transparency in a relationship, at its core, means practicing honesty, which helps build trust between two people. If you can believe that all your partner says about their feelings and opinions is true, there won’t be any doubt lingering around to cause strife or worry.

A couple holding hands, looking down through a glass floor at city streets below.
Pexels / Aline Lira
Pexels / Aline Lira

Any front they might have been putting on to spare your feelings has been shed as your new, transparent relationship guidelines urge them to express their true selves at all times. It might take some time to get into the habit of putting honesty before your partner’s feelings in some instances, but it will foster a deeper bond between the two of you in the long run.

2. It Encourages Better Communication

We’ve all witnessed a couple who seemingly never communicated about anything. They would bottle up all their feelings and avoid raising concerns because they didn’t want to start an argument or were afraid of confrontation. How does that often end? With the top blowing off, resulting in a massive, relationship-ending fight that leaves both halves miserable.

A girl looking through a rain-covered window, her finger up against it.
Pexels / Ike Louie Natividad
Pexels / Ike Louie Natividad

Emotionally transparent relationships can help prevent this as they force proper communication from the get go. When you’re nothing but honest about what you’re feeling, issues get dealt with right away rather than festering until someone can’t take it anymore.

3. Asserts Boundaries

No relationship can function without boundaries, and a transparent relationship allows for those boundaries to be enforced without worrying about annoying or hurting the other person. For many of us, establishing and using the boundaries we set can feel very foreign and scary, but when practicing a transparent relationship, it’s not only expected from you, but encouraged!

A woman looking through a section of shattered window.
Pexels / Maria Orlova
Pexels / Maria Orlova

Transparency in all things can help those who are nervous around their own boundaries gain a lot of confidence in using them, which then benefits everybody involved. No one accidentally crosses a line, no one gets hurt.

4. There’s No Guessing

Similarly, being transparent with your emotions takes away any need for guessing. Making assumptions about someone’s thoughts or feelings can end pretty tragically if you end up being wrong, so when your partner feels comfortable enough to open up right away, it eliminates the possibility of a potentially awkward situation for both of you.

A person in blue sunglasses and a striped suit holding up a magnifying glass in front of their face.
Unsplash / Marten Newhall
Unsplash / Marten Newhall

An emotionally transparent relationship means no more questions but also way more answers, creating a strong foundation that both halves can feel confident building the relationships upon.

5. Easier To Work On Current Problems

Better communication and up-front truthfulness about how someone’s feeling means issues can be tackled the moment they appear. You know that tried and true relationship advice of “never go to bed angry”? With transparency as a core value, you won’t need to worry about remaining angry for even the next hour, as both you and your partner can deal with the issue right away.

Two hands reaching out for each other, one in front of a curtain and one behind.
Pexels / Buse Doa
Pexels / Buse Doa

This also prevents whatever feeling sparked this issue from building up inside and worsening when you’re left alone with your thoughts. Immediate discussions will help calm those storm clouds right away.

6. No More Games

Many people don’t intend to play games when it comes to discussing feelings with their significant other. When it happens, it’s often out of a desire to not make the other person feel bad or not want to start an uncomfortable discussion. Sometimes it even comes from a wish to ‘test’ our partner subconsciously, measuring how strong the bond is by seeing if they can sense our emotions.

A girl looking at a man who's seated at a cafe through the glass wall.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

None of these games, intentional or not, are fair for either party, and all you’re doing is setting yourself up to be hurt. With a transparent relationship, these games all but vanish, as they were all based on the withholding of information regarding your true emotions.

7. It Shows Respect

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, being honest with your partner shows that you respect them. Not only do you feel comfortable enough not to want to lie to them about your own feelings, but you also value them and their feelings enough that you want to be told the truth about them. There’s no wasted time or petty back and forth.

A man looking through a streak of clarity on an otherwise fogged up window, his hand against the glass.
Pexels / Clement Percheron
Pexels / Clement Percheron

This desire to know your partner’s true self, past all the white lies and facades, shows a deep level of respect that proves how deep the connection between you two is. You owe it to yourself and the person you love to be completely open with one another.

A Hopeful Future

Deciding to lead a transparent relationship does so much more than just ensure your partner is telling the truth; it relieves a ton of anxiety and gives you both a little room to breathe.

A bubble suspended midair.
Pexels / Markus Spiske
Pexels / Markus Spiske

Starting a relationship on the right foot can be the most daunting yet crucial step in future success. Establishing that rule of honesty above all else first and foremost creates an excellent base for you two to grow and learn together.

Dating is hard, relationships are hard, don’t make it harder on yourself by tolerating lies for others’ comfort.

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