7 Men Reveal What Makes Women Intimidating

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This article may contain affiliate links, learn more.

Women are magical creatures. From their beauty to their brains, they’re capable of harnessing their emotions to combine them with logic. They are often superwomen who need to do it all, from working a full-time job to being a full-time parent all at once. There are a lot of reasons why a woman might come off as intimidating.

Maybe being intimidating isn’t a bad thing. After all, when we have the most expensive gold, wouldn’t be afraid to lose it? Here are the qualities that men might be most intimidated by.

Her Ability To Form A Strong Emotional Connection

man looks over at woman and smiles between the trees

Matheurs Ferrero / Unsplash

Matheurs Ferrero / Unsplash

“When I form an emotional connection and she has the power to rip out my heart and leave me questioning my self-worth and ability to be happy again.” – ItsaMe_Rapio / Reddit

A woman that can make a man vulnerable, is a very powerful woman. It’s not easy to give up our power and put it in someone else’s hand so when we meet someone with who we can fall in love, it can be quite intimidating.