7 Minutes After Death You’re Still alive, Could We Bring Back The Dead?

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Up to now we always thought of death as the final point in our destination, and as an irreversible process. But what if we were wrong?

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care unit found that a person had sustained brain activity for seven minutes after turning off his life support machine. The doctors had declared the patient dead already and were about to move on when they noticed that their brain waves were still active, as if the patient was simply in a deep sleep and not dead.

Whether this means that our consciousness lives on or that we have 7 minutes to bring back the dead are the questions we now try to answer.

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What Determines Death?

Even doctors used to think of life and death as black and white, with death being a phenomenon that is completely out of control. While it’s still true that death belongs to the forces of nature and is inevitable, we’re now finding out that it’s not as simple or direct as we thought.

RODNAE Productions / Pexels
RODNAE Productions / Pexels

Clinical death and brain death are not the same things. While doctors may declare someone clinically dead, their brain and biological responses still keep going. Their consciousness lives on, allowing them to even experience their own death.