7 Reasons Why Old Souls Have A Hard Time With Love

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Love is hard to find, but it’s especially hard for some people. Old souls in particular have such a unique outlook on life that it may be harder for them to find someone who matches the kind of love they need.

That’s not to say that old souls can’t be love or shouldn’t be loved. All it means is that they need a very specific kind of love and once they find it, it will be magical. Here’s what to keep in mind when loving an old soul

They’re Free Spirited

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Fuu / Unsplash

Fuu / Unsplash

Love has both its pros and cons. Once we fall in love, we free ourselves to its ability to fulfill and expand us. In love, we can find our innate freedom.

However, old souls may struggle to let go and fall in love because they fear losing control. They fear that love will either hold them back, or hold back the person they love because of them. They would rather see themselves be free.