7 Reasons Why Old Souls Have A Hard Time With Love

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Love is hard to find, but it’s especially hard for some people. Old souls in particular have such a unique outlook on life that it may be harder for them to find someone who matches the kind of love they need.

That’s not to say that old souls can’t be love or shouldn’t be loved. All it means is that they need a very specific kind of love and once they find it, it will be magical. Here’s what to keep in mind when loving an old soul

They’re Free Spirited

woman opens her arms to the ocean

Fuu / Unsplash

Fuu / Unsplash

Love has both its pros and cons. Once we fall in love, we free ourselves to its ability to fulfill and expand us. In love, we can find our innate freedom.

However, old souls may struggle to let go and fall in love because they fear losing control. They fear that love will either hold them back, or hold back the person they love because of them. They would rather see themselves be free.

They Don’t To “Fix” Anyone

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Brooke / Cagle / Unsplash

Brooke / Cagle / Unsplash

Old souls may be healers but they’re not people fixers. They understand boundaries and know where to draw the line between someone who needs support and someone who is filling a void.

They refuse to take responsibility for anyone else’s happiness other than their own. This might come off as selfish or unsympathetic when really it’s the biggest gift they can give to those they care about.

They Know Exactly Who They Are

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Elisa Ph / Unsplash

Elisa Ph / Unsplash

Old souls have great sense of identity. This can be tricky as on one hand it means they’re confident in the person that they are and they’re not going to change for the sake of pleasing someone else.

On the other hand, it means that they’re stuck in their ways and it can be hard for them to reach a compromise that means letting go of their habits and preferences.

They Need A High Level Of Commitment

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Dmitry Schemele / Unsplash

Dmitry Schemele / Unsplash

Old souls are not here for casual dating and hookups. When they fall for someone, they fall hard and fast. They don’t hold back on affection and they expect the same.

However, in a world of online dating and endless options, old souls often feel overwhelmed and threatened of being left at any second. They refuse to play the dating game.

They Are Very Intuitive

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Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Old souls are prone to overthinking. Their wisdom and acquired knowledge make them both weary and sensitive. They feel deeply and have enough experience to be able to put themselves in anyone’s shoes.

However, their intuitive superpower also causes them to worry and make assumptions that can break even really strong relationships. They have a hard time letting go of the “what ifs” because of how deeply sensitive they are.

Love Is Not Their Priority

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Ben White / Unsplash

Ben White / Unsplash

Old souls understand that there is more to life than relationships. They find it easy to get lost in time walking through nature or reading a good book. They want to make a difference in the world and leave behind a mark. This can fill their energy with career goals and volunteer hours that can come in the way of their romantic relationships.

They need someone who is equally independent and that can respect their priorities.

They’re On The Search For Their Twin Flame

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Olegbf / Unsplash

Olegbf / Unsplash

Twin flames are two souls entangled in the river of time. Two people who simply can’t help but gravitate towards each other. This is the type of connection that old souls know exists and crave. They don’t see the point in settling for anything left.

Unfortunately, twins flames are rare and hard to find, making an old soul have to go through a good chunk of life before meeting their twin flame.

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