7 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is The Best

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They say middle kids have it the roughest. But I don’t think we’re forgotten. I think we’re the independent ones. We don’t attract attention. And that’s fine! Why are we the best?

1. We keep the peace.

We middle children keep the peace and help everyone stay cool. We prevent escalation and resolve conflicts.

2. We’re skilled negotiators.

Middle children don’t usually get their way. Boy if that ain’t the understatement of the year. Instead, we have to use our skills to get what we want. Makes sense that half of our presidents were middle children.

3. We stay relaxed.

The pressure is usually off of us. The first born is usually off doing something great and the youngest is usually doing something cute. We’re somewhere in the middle. And that’s cool. Flying under the radar is fine.

4. We’re good story tellers.

Yeah, we see everything that goes on through an unbiased lens. So the exaggerated anecdotes are brought back to earth by middle children.

5. We keep it together.

We’re like the glue of the whole family. We’re the ones who get everyone together for the holidays and keep everyone happy.

6. We still get shafted.

They say the oldest child makes the rules, the middle child is why there are rules, and the youngest child doesn’t have to follow them. We get the shaft big time.

7. We get the best of both worlds.

We get to look up to our older siblings to see what we can do and could get away with, and to our younger siblings to pass the blame on. #winning

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