7 Signs You've Become A Pessimist And How To Change It

I've never met a pessimistic person who chose pessimism as their way of thinking. It just kind of happened. In our lives, we get burned by people. Sometimes it's accidental, sometimes on purpose. I like to think about it as the 1% rule. If 1% of the people in your life have done you wrong, why change how you operate to the other 99%? And yourself? These are 7 signs you may have unintentionally given in to pessimism.

1. You downplay your successes.

We all have some successes in our lives, and sometimes you just have to enjoy those successes as opposed to downplaying them, giving credit to other people, or calling it luck. When you've done something awesome, don't gloat, but certainly give yourself a pat on the back.

2. You find yourself giving up easily.

When you don't believe much good will come of your work, when you approach the things you do pessimistically, you tend to get derailed and give up easily. Take a deep breath, take a break, get your face out of it for a minute, but don't let minor setbacks stop your efforts. Don't give up!

3. You have a hard time finding forgiveness for others.

Pessimists have a harder time forgiving. I know this game all too well. When I get really upset with someone, I remember that hate is like drinking a poison and expecting them to get sick. I promise myself that I'll forgive eventually. But I still let myself feel all of those feelings. You can't deny your emotions, but you can resolve to get through them in a healthy way.

4. You expect the worst.

It's an easy thing to do when you've fallen into the habit of being pessimistic. You can break out of expecting the worst by simply not having any expectations! I've found the fewer expectations I have, the happier I tend to be.

5. You act in selfish ways.

When you've become a pessimistic person, taking care of or minding other people gets put on the backburner. Why help others when you get nothing in return? It's simply not a healthy way to go about your life. I'm not suggesting you always put others first, but maybe sometimes think of others before yourself. You might be surprised how good you feel.

6. You're constantly suspicious of the motives of others.

It's important to trust people until you've got a reason not to. It's not healthy to assume that others are always trying to get one up on you, even if it seems like they're helping. If someone is doing something nice for you, assume that that's that. They're just being nice.

7. You're jealous of the successes of other people.

Yeah, sometimes it stinks to get passed up on for a promotion or to not get the girl you really like, but that's the luck of the draw sometimes. No point in being sour about it. Think about the great things already in your life and be happy. Be happy for them too!

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