7 Toxic Beliefs That Prevent You From Reaching True Happiness

"I deserve happiness."

No one deserves anything. No one is truly entitled to anything. Happiness is something you earn.

2. "I don't have what I need to be happy."

Happiness doesn't come from stuff, but it can come from appreciating your stuff. Appreciation and gratitude leads directly to happiness. What are you grateful for?

3. "I'm just not good enough."

Yes you are. Knock that off.

4. "I can never heal."

People hurt us, it's true. You're lucky to get through this life without any kind of heart break. But hey, you absolutely can heal, you just never will if you keep telling yourself that you can't.

5. "I must be in control."

I used to be this way. Badly. I always had to be in control of things. Heck, sometimes I can still be that way. But all it did was cause grief and worry. It's not worth it to try to control everything. Take responsibility, but don't fight to control.

6. "This is personal."

Almost nothing is personal. These days it seems like everyone just aches to be offended, and if it doesn't outrage you, it's not worth the time. That's a rough way to live. Realize that nothing is ever truly personal and you'll be happier.

7. "I must be liked by everyone."

This one is especially silly. The opinions of others don't weigh on you at all. You are who you are and should embrace that. Not everyone is going to like you and okay.

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