7 Types Of People That Rob Us Of  Happiness

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We tend to hold unto certain relationships out of comfort or history, even when they no longer serve us. However, we need to learn to draw a line when those we care about start to suck out our energy. While this might not mean that they’re “bad” people per say, they might just be bad for us.

It may be best to keep the following types of people at arm’s length, as to protect ourselves and our happiness.

The Walking Time Bomb

This kind of person usually is spontaneous and rebellious without worrying too much of the consequences. They procrastinate on responsibilities and view accountability as a “later problem.” They avoid confrontation and commitment and hide behind a “free-spirited” label.

This type of person is afraid of growth and is stuck holding on to their inner child. Yet, the real world is bound to catch up to them, and when it does they might explode.