7 Ways To Feed Your Hungry Soul

1. Do everything from the heart.

Pour yourself into everything you do. Work from the heart. Truly put your back into it.

2. Remember that this is all temporary.

It may seem kind of depressing, but it's important to remind yourself that life can be a fleeting thing and that it's important to live as fully as you can. Your soul may forget, so remind it that this body is only around for so long. Use it for good!

3. Connect.

More and more, I feel like we don't truly connect with each other. We text, we email, we send messages on facebook, but there are so many people in our lives that we often aren't able to make a direct connection with. Every week, make sure to spend some time connecting with people. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or go to a public event. Connect with new people.

4. Be thankful.

Take a little bit of time to think about all the things you have in your life and be thankful. It's important to have a thirst for more, to be able to do better, to be able to fully live the life you want, but things are still pretty good, right? Nourish your soul with thoughts of thankfulness and positivity.

5. Stay informed.

When I read articles on topics like this, many of them will tell you not to read or watch the news. This is something I've never quite understood. It's important not to let yourself fall victim of misinformation and negative storied intended to leave you feeling helpless. Keep yourself informed. Find sources of information that you feel like you can trust and stay open minded. Know where the world needs the most help.

6. Stay inspired.

Keep yourself inspired by working hard, meeting new people, and reading inspiring stories. If you keep yourself feeling inspired, you'll be able to inspire others too.

7. Start where you are.

I've always liked the saying, "Start where you are, do what you can, use what you have." Changing the lives of others for the better is a stellar way to keep your spirit well-fed. There are more than 7 billion people in the world and many of them could use a little help. Helping the world find its way to a better state will keep your soul nourished.

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