7 Ways You Destroy Your Chances At The True Love You Deserve

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When true love comes around, it changes everything. You’re swept off your feet, every day is an adventure, and it’s kind of scary. It can be scary to be in love, because the universe is a random place, and anything can be taken from you at any moment.

Not to give you an existential crisis or anything.

Sadly, there are things we do that prevent us from being able to find our true love in life.

1. You mess it up because you’re scared of commitment

Don’t be. Commitment is great when you do it with the right person. Stop running and give your partner a chance.

2. You overthink it

It’s important to have a clear head, but don’t let your thoughts overpower your heart. Love can be scary, but you’re probably worrying about nothing. Just wait. You’ll see how great it is.

3. You’re afraid of it getting a little too real

Yeah, the honeymoon phase is great, but what happens when that wears off? Don’t sweat that. Life continues in an awesome way, even after the early days of dating.

4. Don’t let jealousy win

Seriously, you can’t get mad when your partner gets a Facebook like from an ex. Understand that they’re with you now and nothing will change that.

5. You can’t seem to ditch the ego

There’s never a compromise coming from you, you don’t concede anything, and you’ll likely lose your true love for it. Ease up.

6. There’s still someone on the side

Don’t do that, seriously.

7. You’re letting the opinions of others dictate what you think

Forget what other people thin. They don’t set the standards for who you love – only you get to do that. Stand up for yourself and what you want in life and love.

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