8 Amazing Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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The popularity of Himalayan salt lamps is rising not just because they’re beautiful, but they have health benefits as well.

Himalayan salt lamps are exactly what they sound like they are: chunks for Himalayan salt with a small bulb, usually LED, inside. The salt crystals combining with the light source produce negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the air. Positive ions often carry mold, bacteria and allergens through the air. So the result is a cleansing effect on the air in the room.

Note: The allergens simply fall to the ground, so vacuum frequently with a HEPA-filtered vacuum.

So where do these positive ions come from? Positive ions are emitted by electronic equipment in your home, like televisions, computers, and smart phones. The result is an increase in allergies, stress, and insomnia. The salt lamp cancels out these ions.

There are 8 things you should notice after you plug one in: