8 Signs You Care Too Much About What Other People Think

Caring about what people think is normal. We're social creatures. The way our tribes view us is pretty important. But there is such a thing as caring too much. What are the signs?

1. You try to make everyone happy.

You really can't though. Someone is always going to be unhappy with you. Focus less on making others happy and more on making yourself happy.

2. The needs of others come first.

It's important to be selfless but don't sacrifice all of yourself for the needs of others.

3. You feel bad about what makes you happy.

Your hobbies, if they aren't accepted by others, are shunned. Who cares? Do what makes you happy.

4. You act like two different people.

Have you ever heard the term "social chameleon?" It's someone who acts differently in different company. Don't do that. Just be yourself.

5. You lie to people.

They might just be white lies, but they're lies nonetheless. You tell people lies to make them like you.

6. You sweat not being able to read minds.

You're so obsessed with approval that you're willing to kick yourself for not anticipating their needs.

Should you really get upset over the fact you weren't able to read someone's mind? Definitely doesn't sound necessary to me. Stop kicking yourself over it.

7. You have trouble saying no.

It's fun to be a yes man or woman, but don't let the fear of saying no hinder your personal development at all. You don't have to please everyone.

8. You obsess over what you said.

Do you play conversations back over in your head, thinking about how they should have gone? It's another sign you're overthinking things and caring too much about what other people think.

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