8 Ways To Feel Rich Without Any Money Involved

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1. Have someone to share your life with.

Life starts feeling meaningless without people to share it with. Friends, family and lovers are what makes it all worth doing. With good people in your life, it’ll feel like you’ve struck gold without having an extra dime to your name.

2. Remember the good times and the bad times too.

It’s important to live in the moment, but don’t forget to revisit the things that have happened. Remember the people you’ve met, the friends you’ve made, the family you’ve lost, the relationships you’ve ended, and everything in between.

3. Don’t stop pursuing your passions.

No matter what they are, keep after them. Don’t ever stop pursuing your passions, and let that passion blossom into new possibilities and a truly happy, rich life.

4. Let yourself fall in love.

You can’t buy love. If you think you can, it might be time to rethink what love means to you. Let yourself experience the wonder of falling in love.

5. Go out and see the world.

This is one you can technically buy but you don’t necessarily have to. You can throw a pack on your back, some food and water, and other necessities and head out backpacking if you want to. No one told you you had to fly to France. Seeing the world starts at your front door.

6. Wisen up a little bit.

Wisdom isn’t something you’re born with and it’s not something you can buy. Wisdom comes from living your life, opening yourself up to new experiences, and never holding back when it comes to new possibilities.

7. Build a family that loves you.

That’s right. Build it. Not everyone is able to be born into a generous, caring, loving family. Sometimes you get to, or have to choose your own family. They might include some of your family, coworkers, or good friends you’ve gotten to know over time.

8. Make friends who stick with you.

And on that note, keep good friends in your life! Friends who’ll always be there to go for a hike, drink a beer, go parasailing, volunteer, and do all your favorite things with you.