9 Things High-Achieving Women Don’t Worry About

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The traits shared amongst high-achieving women are admirable ones. Confidence, reliability, determination, and trust in oneself are the core tenants of strong women, and they aren’t afraid to let these traits shine.

It took a lot of work to get to where they are now, and if you asked, they’d surely tell you they feel immense pride in themselves for who they’ve become. That pride is within reach of every woman who wants it, and there are easy steps you can take to get there!

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Personal Strength

A high-achieving woman is a woman who has made her mistakes in life, learned from them, and has evolved into a stable, self-sufficient force of nature that will never again let anything else come in between herself and what she wants.

A confident woman looking at the camera, hand poised under her chin, wearing a pink dress against a pink background.
Pexels / Moose Photos
Pexels / Moose Photos

High-achieving women don’t need to be told they’re such, but if you’ve found yourself struggling on the path to reach this peak, then there are some notable traits shared among these women that would do you well to meditate on and practice. You’ll be shocked at the difference they make.

Comparing Themselves To Others

High-achieving women are very aware of their worth, and they know that wasting time comparing the details of their lives to others does no good. It doesn’t motivate them to do better, it doesn’t help them better understand their situation, all it does is give them an excuse to wallow in self-pity.

A group of women, all dressed in earth tones, posed around a table, looking at the camera.
Pexels / rfstudio
Pexels / rfstudio

They also understand that others’ perspectives on their life don’t change anything about it materially, nor does their own perspective have an effect on those around them. Instead of comparing themselves, they take action, focusing on their own goals and what it’ll take to achieve them.


You know what won’t help you achieve those aforementioned goals? Procrastinating.

A woman holding a baby against her chest in one arm, using her laptop with the other hand.
Pexels / Sarah Chai
Pexels / Sarah Chai

Getting started is hard, but strong women know that the first step is the most important one. You can’t get anywhere without starting, and surely you know that continuously putting that initial push off again and again will leave you with nothing.

Things don’t need to be perfect to start. Nothing is perfect, so if that’s what you’re hung up on, you’ll be stuck waiting forever. Taking even a half-step is better than nothing at all. You need to be the one to take initiative.


There’s no denying the fact that gossiping about others’ drama does have its thrill, and there can be knowledge gained from it, but it shouldn’t be the drive behind your interactions, nor should it be something you get too worked up about.

Two women gossiping as they look at one of the woman's phones.
Pexels / Anna Shvets
Pexels / Anna Shvets

Being an adult means leaving childish things like that behind, save for when appropriate. After all, pretending like we never talk about others is unrealistic.

Time overspent gossiping could instead be spent working on yourself.

Chasing Others

You should avoid expending any excess energy chasing someone who obviously doesn’t match your energies. In fact, chasing anyone in any capacity is a bad idea, as you don’t want others to think of you as desperate or lacking opportunity.

A woman with long hair in a long dress standing in a field of tall grass with her arms out.
Unsplash / Rana Sawalha
Unsplash / Rana Sawalha

There’s nothing wrong with healthily seeking others out if you think a meaningful connection could be formed, but in the end, the people you’re meant to have in your life will find their way and find you magnetizing all on your own.

Being Stuck In The Past

Being hung up on past experiences, events, mistakes, or otherwise serves you no purpose. The only reason to think on the past is if you want to learn from it, but letting it take up stock in your mind because you feel shame or guilt won’t help things develop at all.

A greyscale image of a woman with her eyes closed, overlayed with another photo of wildflowers.
Unsplash / Motoki Tonn
Unsplash / Motoki Tonn

If you made a mistake, it’s up to you to own it and make up for it in whatever way feels right, but after that, you have to move on. You did what you could and hopefully remedied things. What else is there to do after that besides let go?

Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can crop up in all of us, even the most confident among us. The difference here isn’t so much whether or not it happens to you, but how you deal with it. Strong women will immediately shut down any negative self-talk the second it pops into their brains.

A woman putting her head in her hands in frustration.
Pexels / MART Production
Pexels / MART Production

It can be a struggle to get in the habit of this, but engaging in it even a little can have detrimental effects. If you let yourself even run through thoughts that deem you a bad person, over time, you’ll start believing it.

Seeking Attention On Social Media

The need for external validation is a feeling that vanishes as one evolves into being a strong woman. This means that distancing yourself from excessive posting on social media only becomes easier with time.

Two women looking at social media on on of their phones.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

Your life is not measured in Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook likes, and if you find your existence truly fulfilling, you don’t feel the need to share every detail with others to see how you measure up. They also see the value in not wasting time scrolling endlessly through apps like these. There are better things to do with your precious moments here on Earth.


Your success doesn’t hinge on making sure everyone else feels comfortable and set. Overextending yourself in an attempt to make friends with everyone you meet is a surefire way to wind up burnt out and exhausted.

A group of women having a picnic in a feild.
Unsplash / Kelsey Chance
Unsplash / Kelsey Chance

Wanting to do kind things for the people who matter to you is a valiant wish, but make sure you do so within your capacity. You’re no help to anyone if you work yourself to the bone with no returns, especially yourself.

Not Setting Boundaries

Similar to the last point, you need to be able to set clear boundaries and limits on your time and energy. If you fail to do so, people will think that you’re always ready to drop everything and help, which is a one-way ticket to running yourself into the ground emotionally.

A woman's face and hand obscured behind a sheet.
Unsplash / Claudia Soraya
Unsplash / Claudia Soraya

By setting boundaries, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re helping others too. This way, you protect yourself from burnout and ensure that you’ll always have the needed energy to help out when you can.

Above Anything Else

Becoming a strong woman is possible for every woman out there. The only thing currently standing in your way is yourself.

A confident woman staring right at the camera, holding the collar of her denim jacket.
Unsplash / Clarke Sanders
Unsplash / Clarke Sanders

If you feel stuck or blocked in some way, take some time and meditate on the things weighing heavily upon your heart. When your spirit is bogged down by an external event, it can be hard to push through that force. Figuring out which things you can let go of might clear enough of the debris and let your soul fly free.

The pursuit of self-fulfillment and a feeling of completion can last forever, but as long as you stay true to yourself throughout the journey, you’ll find your way.

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