9 Things You Learn When You’re Finally In A Healthy Relationship

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1. Arguments bring you closer together.

I’m betting you’ve been in a knock-down, end-all fight in the past that just put a firm stop to your relationship, right? I know I sure have. But when you’re in a healthy relationship, fights don’t push you further apart. They bring you closer together. You’re fighting for your relationship, not against each other.

2. You don’t need to be together constantly.

And you don’t really want to be either. You have peace of mind knowing your partner loves you. You don’t feel too compelled to spend every waking minute with them. Space is important.

3. You aren’t ever embarrassed.

No matter how strange you can be, when you’re being yourself around your perfect partner, you don’t get embarrassed. And why would you? They love you unconditionally. Be as weird as you like!

4. Mundane things can turn you on.

Certain things will just trigger you sexually, like her smell, or the thoughtful things he does. It’s not all about sexy underpants and expensive gifts. It’s not about act itself I guess, but the devotion and love that inspired it.

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5. You wouldn’t change anything about them.

Yeah, there are going to be little things that you don’t like about your partner, but it’s not hard to express those pet peeves. The big things about them, you simply can’t change. And there’s no reason to. You might find that the things you change are the things you’ll end up missing the most.

6. You might be vulnerable, but you don’t feel weak.

Without your partner, you’d be devastated. You love them with all your heart. This is gives your partner a power over you. A healthy relationship respects the power you have over each other. You know either of you could be hurt at any moment, but you trust each other enough to give them your heart.y.

7. Your relationship is a constant work in progress.

None of us are perfect, and neither are our relationships. Every relationships is going to be work, but it will be the most rewarding word of your life. You aren’t just working on the relationship, you’re working on yourself as well. We all need to realize compromise is needed.

8. Every day, you learn a little more.

Healthy relationships are all about two people, learning and growing, together. Being in a healthy relationship conforms the fact that you don’t know everything. Healthy relationships help you learn more about yourself, your partner, and the world around you.