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9-year-old Girl With Autism Starts College With An IQ Higher Than Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking

Meet the 9-year-old girl who is making worldwide headlines all the way from Mexico City. The little girl is blowing everyone's mind with her intelligence and academic ability.

The best part is that along with her success she is removing the stigma associated with autism and proving to everyone, including herself that not even a developmental disorder can get in the way of strong will and intellect.

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Meet Adhara Pérez Sánchez

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From the outside, Adhara Pérez Sánchez looks like any other young kid who loves to play outside and still watches cartoons. But Ahara is an extremely intelligent little girl and she's nothing like most kids. Before even living a full decade on this planet, she's already graduated high school and is in college pursuing not one but two degrees; one in industrial engineering in mathematics and one in systems engineering.

You see Ahara has an incredible level of IQ that scores at162. To put it in perspective, notable geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking only had an estimated IQ of 160.

Ahara didn't always think she was smart though.

Diagnosed With Autism At A Young Age

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Before anyone noticed Ahara's intelligence, they diagnosed her with Asperger's syndrome, a developmental disorder that's included on the autism spectrum.

Autism is known to cause difficulties in learning and with social interactions, and Adahara was no exception to these symptoms. The three main symptoms of autism tend to be delayed milestones, social awkwardness, and trouble with verbal and nonverbal communication. This meant that Adhara would really struggle in school.

Bullied In School

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Adhara and her parents explain that she was "made a mockery at school." The other kids were ruthless in bullying her and called her "weirdo" and "oddball" because of her condition. Her mom recalls: "I saw that Adhara was playing in a little house and they locked her up. And they started to chant: 'Oddball, weirdo!' 'And then they started hitting the little house.

When her mother saw it for herself, she couldn't stand for her daughter to suffer like this.

Adhara Went Into A Deep Depression

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It's no wonder that the way the little girl was treated eventually took its toll on her. While no child should experience depression at such a young age, no one yet knew how bright she was. Even her teachers didn't believe in her. They told her parents that she would sleep in class and didn't show any interest. Eventually, she didn't even want to go to school anymore.

Luckily, Adhara's parents could tell that their child was smart, often getting a glimpse of her unusual intelligence at home. So they decided to pull her from school and home school her while sending her to therapy. This would be the moment that changed her life forever.

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Her Whole Life Changed

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Adhara's parents quickly realized that it was the current education plan that wasn't the right fit for their daughter. Once they adapted her learning environment to her unique skills, they watched her thrive.

In the blink of an eye Adhara finished elementary school by age 5, middle school by 6, and high school by 8. By 9 she was attending Universidad CNCI in Mexico to study systems engineering and mathematics. Her success kept coming as everyone started to take notice of her genius. The protégé not only excelled in academics but she took the time to write a book about her experiences with a title that encourages others "Do Not Give Up."

Never Ending Milestones

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Adhara's life completely changed once she realized that her parents believed in her. She was even featured in Forbes México's 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list.

Among her many accomplishments, Adhara gave a presentation on black holes at the Institute of Art and Culture (IMAC) where other young kids found her inspirational and were in disbelief that she know as much, or even more than adults. Adhara has big dreams like all other kids, she's just ahead of the game. She wants to explore astrophysics and hopes one day to be an astronaut at NASA and travel to Mars.

So What's Next?

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The future looks bright for Adhara and despite her having already accomplished more than some will get to across the span of their lifetime. But she's not done yet. Adhara is currently learning English to accept an invitation to study at her dream university in Arizona.

Meanwhile, she's also working on developing a new smart bracelet to help autistic kids. After all, that is still a big part of the experience. She wants to make a device to monitor the emotions of differently-abled children, anticipating and preventing seizures and other outbursts. For kids whose autism can take away their ability to communicate, this can be life-changing.

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Homeless Man Found Long-Lost Sister After 20 Years, But That Wasn't Even The Miracle

You know what the best part of hardships is? It's the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dim, or even nonexistent it may seem for a while, it's always there, waiting for you at your destination.

Logan's story didn't see the light for a whole 20 years, which for the young man was a whole lifetime. Yet, he didn't let life's hardest tests get him down and he always held on to the hope of finding that light, till one day he did. He thought reuniting with his lost sister would be the light he was looking for this whole time. Except his sister was already living with her own family at that point...

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Life Was Hard From The Very Beginning

Hunt as a young kid smiling while sitting in dining room chair

USA Today / Youtube

Logan's hardships started from the day he was born. For whatever reason, his parents didn't feel fit to raise him, so he was put up for adoption when he was just a toddler. Not all kids get lucky and get adopted when they get put in the system.

Unfortunately for Logan, no family wanted to keep him and he was sent from one foster home to the next until he reached the age of 18. Considered an adult, he aged out of the system and had no choice but to become homeless. All he had ever wanted was a family but instead, he grew up his whole life feeling alone.

A Social Worker Who Cared

files drawer with hundred of files from vabinet

Maksym Kaharlytskyi / Unsplash

Fortunately, all it takes to make a difference in someone's life is finding one person who cares. For Logan, it was his social worker. Once his 11 years in the foster care system were up, Logan's caseworker was determined to find him a good place to live. So far, all his living arrangements had been temporary, and he had never had a place to call home. For a time, Logan even lived in his car.

Looking carefully through his files, they discovered that Logan actually had a biological sister named Shyann who was already living with a good family. The caseworker hoped and prayed that the family would also take an interest in Logan, so she called up Shyan's adoptive mother.

Logan Was Deemed To Be "Toxic"

Logan and his sister hug when reunited

USA Today / Youtube

The caseworker was hoping Robert and Ara Hunt, Shyanna's parents would welcome Logan but that wasn't the case. The family already had 3 adopted children and they were afraid that Logan would disrupt the dynamic that they had created for their family.

Logan's sister was 12 years old at the time and the family was afraid that her biological homeless brother, who was living in a car, would be toxic to their family. In an interview, tey explained: : “We wanted nothing to do with him. We didn’t know anything about him. We were afraid.”

A Television Segment That Reflected The Truth

Logan sitting in interview chair

USA Today / Youtube

You wouldn't think that television is where you'd find the truth and have your whole perspective changed but that was the case for Logan.

The Hunt family saw a local television segment about Logan's journey out of foster cre and it completely changed their mind on the young man. That piece changed the father Robert Hunt’s mind about the 18-year-old. The father said in an interview: “I was just knocked down. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character, and I saw the good character in him."

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From Tragedy To Blessings

car crashed from he side with the plate hanging off

Michael Jin / Unsplash

Up until then, Logan had known nothing but rejection. He told USA Today how the constant rejection that his life made him feel “empty” and “alone," and he felt as though he had “nothing to look forward to.”

Right when Logan thought his life couldn't get worse, he got into a car accident. Yet, he had no idea that this tragedy would turn into a blessing too. Ara went to go visit him in the hospital, and she ended up bringing him home with her. He had no idea another miracle would be waiting for him at her home.

Happily More After

People Magazine

Logan went back to meet his sister and her newfound family thinking the reunion itself would be his miracle while he recovered from the accident. He believed his stay with the family would be temporary just like all his past ones.

As he bonded with the family, Logan fit right in. It didn't take long before the Hunt family performed a second miracle and decided to start the process of adopting Logan! It was finally Logan's chance to reach the light of the end of the tunnel and become part of a family just like he always wanted.

New Beginnings

Logan's life at almost 20 years old was just starting. After 13 years of temporary living arrangements, he finally found his forever home. It turns out that hope and patience were all he needed and the universe had a plan for him all along.

These kinds of stories can happen to anyone. You might think you're never going to catch a break, but there's a light waiting for you too. Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won't believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you

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