94-year-old Woman Finally Tries On Dream Wedding Dress That Was Once Forbidden

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There was a time, not that long ago when women of color were not allowed in clothing shops. For one woman in particular this meant that even on her wedding day, she couldn’t go shopping for her dream wedding dress.

It wasn’t until she was 94 years old, that she was able to rewrite her history.

Wedding Dresses Are A Staple

wedding gowns hung up on rack

Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

How many young girls dream of their wedding dress long before even meeting their husbands? The answer is many. The wedding dress is a staple in the dream wedding fantasy. It’s meant to make the bride feel the most beautiful she has ever felt, as she transitions into a new chapter of her life.

It’s symbolic of her coming of age, as she leaves her innocent childhood behind and starts her own family. Yet not all women get the opportunity to wear one.

Meet Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker

Martha screaming

peeweeherman / Twitter

peeweeherman / Twitter

​This is Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of a fairytale wedding in which she could feel beautiful in a big white dress.

She married back in 1952, except all her wedding dreams were shattered. At the time Black women weren’t allowed to shop inside bridal shops.

A Forbidden Act

As a Black woman in Alabama at the time, Martha had to accept the hard truth. Looking back she explains: “I’ve always wanted a wedding dress but I couldn’t have one” Not only was she not able to have it, but it was completely forbidden for her to even try on the dress she had imagined: an embroidered white gown with a lace overlay and long sleeves.

Her grandaughters explained to the Washington Post in an interview: “she wasn’t even thinking about buying a wedding dress because she knew she couldn’t go in the store.”

She Had A Small Ceremony Instead

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Gabriella Clare / Unsplash

Gabriella Clare / Unsplash

Martha ended up settling for a small wedding ceremony in her pastor’s living room. She didn’t even have a wedding dress. Even till this day, she had a hard time talking about the memory as she explains: : “I’ve always have been sad about it because I felt like I should have been able to wear it if I wanted to.”

Fast forward to the present day and Martha has raised a whole family who loves her. So, granddaughters decided to take matters into their own hands.

They Surprised Her With A Fitting

Martha holding granddaughter's hand in bridal gown

peeweeherman / Twitter

peeweeherman / Twitter

One day while watching the 1988 film “Coming to America” with her granddaughter, Martha told her “I’ve always wanted to wear a wedding dress. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, ever since I got married.”

So her granddaughter Angela Strozer decided that her grandma deserved to live out her dream, even if it was belated. So she booked a fitting a David’s bridal and invited the whole family. They all surprised her with the fitting of her dreams!

“A Dream Differed Is Not A Dream Denied”

Ben Rosett / Unsplash

Ben Rosett / Unsplash

Martha’s story is a reminder that dreams have no deadlines. just because they haven’t happened yet, doesn’t mean they never will. Martha may not have had her dream wedding in 1952 but instead, her path blessed her with a wonderful family who would later honor her dream when the time was right.

Speaking on the experience, her granddaughter said in an interview: “I just wanted to do this for her, I wanted her to understand that a dream deferred didn’t have to be a dream denied.”

Dreams Really Do Come True At All Ages

Martha smiling in wedding gown and wearing mask

peeweeherman / Twitter

peeweeherman / Twitter

It didn’t take long in the appointment before Martha found a dress that matched exactly the description of the one she always had envisioned for herself. She excitedly told her family “That dress has my name on it, my dream had come true,”

As soon as she had it on there wasn’t a dry face in the room. Her smile was shining and it touched the heart of everyone sharing the moment with her. It turns out you’re never too old to have your dreams come true!

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