98 YO Moved Into Same Nursing Home as Her 80-YO Son Just To Take Care Of Him

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Being a mother is a job with no clear beginnning or end. You can’t predict when you’ll get pregnant and once you do your role as a mother never leaves you. After all, this tiny human being is made out of a piece of you, grown inside of you, and literarly attached to you. There is no greater bond.

A mother’s love is unlike any other and it’s never-ending, not even when you’re two years shy of a century and your son is well into his eighties. This mother son duo is a testament to the strength of a maternal bond and that love like that doesn’t have an expiry date.

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A Long Meaningful Life

mom's hands holds babie's feet

Omar Lopez / Unsplash

Omar Lopez / Unsplash

Ada Keating is now a 98 year old woman, yet she hasn’t lost her character. She maintains a remarkable clear mind, along with still being healthy enough to walk on her own, retain her memory and engage in active conversation. However, she chose to live in a nursing home and it’s not because she can’t take care of herself…

Keep in mind that Ada wasn’t always this old and has lived a long and fulfilling life. Ada once worked as an auxiliary nurse at Mill Road Hospital where she got used to caring for others at all hours of the day before going home to nurture her own four children that she shared with her latest husband Harry.