99-Year-Old Woman Who Almost Became A Nun, Welcomes Her 100th Great-Grandchild

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We give a big value to the number 100. It’s a big number that signifies the end of a century, the maximum life span of a person, a milestone anniversary, or for some people, their number of grandchildren.

In fact, A 99-year-old woman welcomed her 100th great-grandchild just a few months before her 100th birthday. Her dream of having a big family knew no bounds and as she lived to see 100, she opened her arms to hug her 100th descendant.

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Dreams Turned Into Reality

Peg and her late husband William knew when they met that they wanted for their blood line to run long. This would be their legacy. “I wanted to have a big family,” explains Peg. She expressed that it is “difficult” to be an only child so she went to the other extreme so that no member of her family would know the feeling of loneliness.

grandma holding baby in bed
Christine Stokes Balster
Christine Stokes Balster

She had 11 children of her own. As they grew up and multiplied, they had their own 56 grandchildren, who in turn provided Peg with 100 great-grandchildren all before her 100th birthday. The family welcomes each child with great joy. Peg herself says that is “absolutely ecstatic” about the most recent birth and considers herself extremely lucky” for getting the chance to hold the baby.