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5 Reasons Why Losing Friends As You Get Older Is Actually A Good Thing

If you are scared of losing your friends and aren't exactly ready for what the future has in store, well, we have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that you will be a much different individual, have an entirely new life, and most likely will have seen new faces and places that you will want to revisit someday.

The bad news is that you are going to have to let go of some of your old friends in order for that change to actually take place. Change is not necessarily a bad thing , but should be an opportunity for you to learn something you've never known before.

1. Guard-up

The more you get older, the more you will realize how protective you are of everything in your life that you hold value in. You may begin to put up walls, have expectations, standards, and you will no longer wish to expose those pieces of yourself to just anyone.

However, with the new friends you make as you grow into your age, they will cherish the things you say and do. You will find new interests in the people you associate with and begin to develop meaningful relationships with them.

2. Well-traveled

Once you become older, you will have become so experienced with the world that you've learned how to rely on some of your friends for certain things, and you've even demonstrated what it means to be hospitable to your loved ones.

However, there is going to come a time where you recognize that some of those things aren't really necessary in your life anymore. You may have to let those people go in order to move on with your new ways of life.

3. Meaningful Relationships

Even though you may lose some of your old friends as you age, if doesn't mean that you won't find meaningful relationships with any other people. This is the opposite of the actual truth.

As you become older, you will find new things to talk about, new topics that interests you, and places that you've been before. You will enjoy talking about all of the things you've done previously.

People love to hear of your travels, so why not make some to tell your new friends?

4. No Time

The more you become older the more you will begin to realize that you practically have zero time to spare on anything fun you want to do.

Maybe that's an over-exaggeration, but at the same time, depending on who it is, your life may become one of the most fast paced races you've ever been in.

Whatever the case, it's important to manage your time wisely and realize that everything will get done in due time. This also goes for the people in your life. You will soon begin to decide who is worth your time and who is not.

5. Despise Insincerity

When you were younger, being insincere came naturally to you. As children, we are all a little insincere to the people in our lives, and more often than not, to our friends.

However, as you grow older, you will begin to have zero tolerance for it. You will not handle rudeness well and will want to be the voice of reason when it comes to arguing with someone who is being insincere.

You will find yourself longing for honest conversations instead of ones that are aimed to hurt you or just don't go anywhere.

Hopefully this has helped you get over some of your fears of getting older. Just remember to take things in stride. Do your best to go with the flow, and be as resilient as you possibly can.


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