5 Things To Understand About a Gemini

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is one of the most fascinating signs in the Zodiac. Gemini is known as "The Twins" and people born under this sign have two distinct personalities.

They're witty, social, curious and creative, but can also be emotionally unreachable and withdrawn. If you know someone who seems to have a split personality, it doesn't mean that they're crazy, they may just be a Gemini!

Below are 5 things you need to understand if you live, work or socialize with a Gemini.

1. They're very sociable

Geminis are very sociable people. They aren't known to be homebodies, but they do love to be at home.

One weekend you might find them out partying until the cows come home, the next weekend they'll want to just be home alone with Netflix.

It all depends on what mood they're in at the moment.

2. They are flirts

But, this doesn't mean they can't have a monogamous relationship.

Geminis are faithful and loyal, but they do love to flirt! Geminis love being the center of attention and their flirty nature gets them plenty of it.

But, at the end of the night, they want nothing more than to go home and just be with you.

3. They're high achievers

Geminis are much more motivated than the average person. They like to achieve and are pretty hard on themselves if they don't get what they strive for.

Likewise, they'll want to date someone who's equally ambitious.

4. They're analytical

Geminis are extremely analytical people, which also makes them self-aware.

While this seems like the perfect recipe for self-assurance, it actually causes a lot of doubt since they're apt to also consider where they "should" be in life or what they "should" be doing.

5. They're a little crazy

With two personalities constantly fighting each other, Geminis can seem all over the place and a little crazy. But don't worry. No matter how they act, they still love you.

They'll calm down from whatever argument they had with you in about five minutes and things will go right back to being "normal." Well, as normal as any life with a Gemini can be!

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If Someone In Your Life Does These Things, They're Probably A Narcissist

By definition, a narcissist is someone who is overly self-involved, vain and selfish. They can also be cocky, manipulative and demanding.

Narcissism exists in degrees along a continuum. It ranges from extra-healthy ego to pathological grandiosity.

So, how do you know where on this spectrum someone in your life falls? Below are 5 signs that someone in your life leans toward the pathological narcissist side:

1. They need to be the center of attention

This is not just a desire to be the center of attention, it's a basic need for them.

If the person in your life dominates the conversation, exaggerates their accomplishments, and only wants to talk about themselves all of the time, you are definitely dealing with a narcissist.

2. They use others

A narcissist uses others without consideration or sensitivity. They will borrow items or money without returning or re-paying the debt.

They repeatedly break promises and ignores their obligations. Narcissists show little or no remorse, but instead blames the victim.

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3. They're charismatic and persuasive

Narcissists can be very charismatic and persuasive. When they're interested in you, they make you feel very special and wanted. But, it's only for their own gratification.

Once they lose interest in you (most likely after they've gotten what they want, or became bored), they may drop you without a second thought.

A narcissist can be very engaging and sociable so long as you're fulfilling what she/he desires.

4. They manipulate

A narcissist will use his or her romantic partner, child, friend, or colleague to meet unreasonable, self-serving needs, fulfill unrealized dreams, or cover up self-perceived inadequacies and flaws.

They will manipulate by using guilt or coerce you into making unreasonable sacrifices for them.

5. They spread negativity

Narcissists enjoy spreading and arousing negative emotions to gain attention, feel powerful, and keep you insecure and off-balance.

They are easily upset at any real or perceived slights or inattentiveness. They may throw a tantrum if you disagree with their views or don't live up to their expectations.

They are extremely sensitive to criticism and will respond with a heated argument or cold detachment.

Narcissists are often quick to judge, criticize, ridicule, and blame you. Some narcissists are emotionally abusive. By making you feel inferior, they boost their own ego to make them feel better about themselves.

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