Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

Some of you have surely studied Home Economics or Family and Consumer Sciences back at school, classes that taught us the basic skills needed for our daily life.

On the courses, girls learned to sew, cook, manage the budget and finances, while young boys learned to build things, use tools, fix things, etc.

The Home Economics course had several good aims, including to teach young girls to become good wives and housekeepers, to teach them to clean, cook, sew, and to provide them with life skills.

On the other hand, shop class was based on the premises that boys should grow up and become strong men, able to build and fix things, use drills, hacksaws, work with metal and wood.

However, the entire concept of a traditional family has shifted over time, and it has brought both, positive and negative changes.

Now, the current school education school programs lack such lessons. Some believe that those courses are not suitable for the cutting edge educational modules, and schools focus on things like normal center and capability- based learning with constrained subsidizing.

On the other hand, there are also parents who are worried that their children lack the basic skills to survive in the world as an adult.

There is no doubt that English, history, and arithmetic are vital, but Home financial matters served to teach students about the needed skills for cooking, health and helped construct solid associations with accounts.

Nowadays, secondary schools are constrained in explicit home financial aspects courses. Now, understudies can be given the opportunity to choose individualized related courses, for example, Family Studies, Food, and Nutrition, or Health and Safety.

These courses have not totally left the school system, but their quality is reduced. In 2012, there were just 3.5 million understudies taken a crack at Family Consumer Science auxiliary projects, which is a 38 percent reduction within 10 years.

Yet, Susan Turgeson, President of the Association of Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer Sciences, says that classes may still incorporate useful subjects like network planting, treating the soil, and even hydroponics-things.

While some find no sense in revisiting Home Ec and Shop classes again, others believe that it could make a huge difference in the lives of many, and children will learn how to save money and time.

Do you think such courses would be beneficial for understudies? Can such classes contribute to a better society tomorrow?


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New Moon Rising In Libra: Prepare For A Dramatic Energy Shift On September 28th 2019

The days are getting shorter and colder in the Northern Hemisphere.

As winter approaches, feelings of loneliness can start to set in. But Saturday's New Moon at 5° Libra may have you swiping right on new love, good fortune, and autumn warmth.

September 28th's New Moon will create positive celestial influence not just from the moon itself, but from Zaniah, a harmonious star in the constellation of Virgo as well as Venus and Jupiter.

September's New Moon will also make a minor aspect to Uranus, which sounds funny but will help you make adjustments in other areas of your life, specifically how they pertain to your romantic life, your social life, and even your home life.

Failure to take these celestial energies by the reins and make the most of them could leave you feeling exceptionally restless, bored, and in desperate need of something to do.

If you start feeling this way at any time on or during the New Moon, take charge, find adventure, put yourself in an unlikely situation, and make the most of the New Moon.

The New Moon occurs every 28 days. It is the beginning of the lunar cycle that peaks during the Full Moon and again concludes and restarts with the New Moon.

Look in the sky during the New Moon and you won't see much - none of the Sun's light is reflecting off the Moon, giving it a very dark appearance.

But while you may not see anything in the sky, you can definitely feel the power of the New Moon. Each New Moon brings with it a lot of energy that will have you wanted to start a new relationship, a new project, or a new hobby.

The New Moon on September 28th will get an extra boost from Zaniah, a harmonious star in the constellation of Virgo.

Zaniah is a subgiant star that can provide astrological influence to celestial bodies in our own solar system, like the Moon and other planets orbiting the Sun.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won't believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It's unbelievable how accurate it is!

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How will September 28th's New Moon impact each of the Zodiac signs?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Of all the signs, Aries is the most likely to have love on the mind. You may find your heart bursting with loving energy. This is an excellent time to send some heart emojis and line yourself up a date, but be warned, Aries.

The New Moon energy might make you come off a little bit strong. Take it easy, be sure to listen actively, and don't try to rush into anything too serious too quickly.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

For Taurus, the drive to hit the bar or go to a party will be higher than at any time in recent months. That's because both the moon and Venus, your ruling planet, will be in Libra.

You may be a bit more of a chatterbox at work, school, at home, and at other social functions than people are accustomed to. This is a good time to talk to neighbors that you may not have met yet or invite a coworker out for a drink.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Like Libra, Gemini is an air sign. This New Moon in Libra will leave you feeling enriched with positive, loving energy. You may be a little bouncier than usual this weekend. You may also feel a bit like an intellectual juggernaut.

If there's a big that you've been wanting to read or a new subject you've been wanting to study, now's the time to pick it up! Don't hold back, Gemini.

Now's the time to expand your mind and your heart.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

I'm going to take a guess at something, Cancer - your home life has been a little tough lately.

Maybe you got passed up for a promotion at work, money is tight, your relationship is rocky, and things just aren't feeling right.

The New Moon feels that painful energy and wants to do something about it. Saturday's New Moon in Libra will provide you with a warm, kind celestial energy to forge new bonds with your family and make your love grow stronger.

Spend time outside with your family this weekend, visit a zoo or a botanical garden. Maybe even take an autumn hike.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

2019 has been the year of Leo. You've probably spent most of the year feeling opposite of Cancer (sorry Cancer friends!) You've probably felt like you're on a roll lately, and the New Moon in Libra won't be stopping that roll any time soon.

This weekend will be a good time for a road trip or a new adventure someplace. If you're a little more restricted, even something simple like a hike or reading a book in the park can satisfy your need for a little adventure.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

Virgo, we've been talking this whole article about touchy feely crap, but for you, it may be best to set aside all the emotional stuff and think more practically about your financial life.

If you've been inspired to make money moves in the past few months, stay the course. Keep looking for investment opportunities. Leave the love stuff to the other signs.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

Hey Libra! September is your month and this is your New Moon. Instead of turning all your focus on those outside of yourself, use your celestial energy to look inward.

Become closer to yourself, get in touch with your own needs, and engage in a little bit of much needed self care.

This is a great time for a professional massage, a spa day, or whatever it is you want. This is your New Moon, make it about you!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Scorpio needs to treat this New Moon completely differently than Libra. Scorpio, you might find yourself compelled to make this New Moon all about you, but that's not really what you need right now.

Look outward at building stronger working relationships with people. Consider upcoming projects and what you'd like to accomplish with others during the last three months of the year.

This weekend New Moon could lay the groundwork for the rest of your year.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

For Sagittarius, this summer has been a real social explosion.

Lots of new friends, perhaps a couple of on again off again lovers, but as we enter into the colder, darker seasons, it's time to start thinking about deciding which of those new friends are worth bringing in closer and which should perhaps be distances a bit or possibly let go all together.

Be fair, but think through the types of relationships you have with these newfound pals.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

For Capricorn, this New Moon is less about personal relationships, less about your own personal needs, and more about your job and career path.

The celestial energy from the Libra New Moon should be used to propel professional growth at your workplace.

If there's a possibility for a big promotion coming up, use the Libra New Moon to figure out what you need to do to get there. Take some big steps on your career path.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Aquarius, yet another air sign, your tongue is not your ally during the Libra new Moon.

Your thoughts will likely move fast and ideas will hit hard, and the connection between your mind and your tongue will be very, very fluid.

But be careful what you choose to communicate during this time. Think before you speak. Instead of talking about your thoughts, act on them.

Actions speak louder than words, do they not?

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Like Cancer, this has not been an easy year for you, Pisces, particularly as it pertains to money and financial issues. This Libra New Moon can help you turn that around.

Think hard about the relationship you have with money, how you spend it, how you save it, and what you do with it.

Start making more responsible financial choices, look to save for retirement, and ease up a bit on your casual spending.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won't believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It's unbelievable how accurate it is!

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