Imagine Meeting Someone

7 Ways To Attract Someone Who Truly Appreciates You

We all want the same basic qualities in a relationship. Respect, love, confidence, being open and growth are a few.

We all want someone that makes us feel wanted and adored. Below are methods of attracting a lover that adores us.

1. Be Yourself

If you want someone to love you for who you are, you have to be able to express your true self. By portraying yourself you keep everything simple.

Life and relationships are complicated enough with out persona's.

You can't truly grow with someone if they only experience false aspects of your personality. You demonstrate perspective and strength when you are genuine.

2. Be Honest

It takes confidence and bravery to be honest. People will take note and respect you for your ability to speak your truth.

More over, when you are honest with people, the way you present truths is important. The truth can be stated in ways that doesn't hurt others and doesn't make them feel worse off for the knowledge.

A great way to attract someone who will appreciate you is to show compassion in the execution of your feelings and perceptions.

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3. Have A Sense Of Humor

Everyone likes to laugh, so don't be afraid to show your humorous side. People want someone who is not only aware of their surroundings, nut comfortable enough to laugh about it.

Don't be something your not, but show that you appreciate laughter and demonstrate your ability to make other's laugh.

4. Practice Selflessness

The ability to re-order your priorities and remove yourself from the focal point, demonstrates not only your maturity but encourages faith in your potential.

Through faith and compassion your partner will look to the future actively and positively. If they know that you can make them the most important thing in your life they will love you in the same way.

5. Be Open-Minded

You partner will respect your ability to stay open to the possibilities. It takes confidence, competence, and awareness to be receptive.

An open mind is able to roll with the punches in life easier than a closed mind. People feel more comfortable around an open minded individual. They can open up to you with out fear of judgment.

6. Be Helpful

A productive and positive attitude makes you a highly sought after personality. Everyone needs help every so often, but it can be difficult to ask for help.

Anticipating a person's needs and helping them them in a manner that helps them and enforces independence.

7. Practice Humility

No one wants to be around an arrogant or grandiose person, especially when that person is so close to us. You can't open up to a person with out humility.

A humble person can work in a team, and make people feel comfortable.

An not humble person makes people defensive, doesn't compromise or do any of the things mentioned in this list. Humility is key for taming an ego.

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Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign - August 21st 2019

Sun is moving ever closer to Virgo, intensifying the energy of the day.

Sun signs fall on a spectrum, so the closer it gets to the next sign, the stronger the energy from that sign, and we lose a little more oomph! from the current sign.

If you were born on the cusp between two signs, you would be influenced by both signs, depending on the date and time you were born.

Tomorrow is the Sun's last full day of its transit through Leo, so Leo energy will continue to diminish over the next week.

This morning's conjunction between Moon and Uranus will stir up the playful side of Leo, while Venus lands in Virgo today, keeping the playfulness from getting too rambunctious and out of hand.

This is an optimistic energy, though we may get carried away and go over the top.

Thankfully, there are plenty of internal and external checks and balances to keep things on a relatively even keel.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won't believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It's unbelievable how accurate it is!

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It's the 233rd day of 2019

33 days until the autumn equinox

132 days until 2020

Sun is in Leo

Moon moves into Taurus

Mercury is in Leo

Venus is in Virgo

Mars is in Virgo

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Saturn is Retrograde in Capricorn

Uranus is Retrograde in Taurus

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn

Chiron is Retrograde in Aries

ARIES: Finding things you have in common is much more pleasing than focusing on your differences. Today is all about commonalities with a partner, friend, or family member. This strengthen the bonds you've already built, and you create kindred connections that last a lifetime. Practical affairs take center stage, so you may have to put off any social obligations for the time being. Take a raincheck and follow through on it later, even writing it down so you don't forget. It's an exceptional period for meeting new friends or colleagues who share goals or work.

TAURUS: The Moon moves into your sign today, drawing your emotions closer to the surface, but also lending you extra drive and motivation. Your personal charisma and magnetism increase as well. It's a love fest all around, as you share your affection and attention more freely, and love and compliments flow in in return. You are exceptionally creative now and motivated to build something innovative and exciting. Breathe new life into anything you take on now.

GEMINI: You've always been one who recognizes patterns in the midst of chaos, and today that superpower will be spotlighted as you are extra creative in your thinking and strategic planning. There's even a chance that something you love doing will be combined with your daily work, creating the perfect set of responsibilities. And as you don't like to take credit for the things you do and do well, you are all about sharing ideas and tricks in accomplishing all you accomplish.

CANCER: If ideas and creativity were measured on the Richter scale, you would be hovering near the top today. Home and work projects are highlighted, and you're likely to take the lead on anything that comes your way. You've also got Moon and Venus in areas of your chart that brings a ZING! to your interactions with others. The motivation to create something truly dynamic is increasing. Go for it!

LEO: Like your Aries brothers and sisters, today is all about finding the common ground between yourself and others, as you find stimulation and support in doing so. Build resources now that will attract the right things to you, as it will be easy for you, as usual. Besides, getting along with others builds rapport, boosts business, as well as income. So money matters do especially well. Just make sure you're enjoying the activities you engage in so you boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

VIRGO: Today's a great day to indulge in planning and strategizing, especially where money, business, and other resources are concerned. You've got a head for details, so now's the time to move forward where you might have been waiting for the right moment. You'll receive important messages through conversations and dreams, especially since your dream-life is exceptionally active now. This is a particularly creative and dynamic period for you.

LIBRA: New connections you make now, or the renewal of existing connections makes you stronger and people love to be around you. You bring something special to each encounter and contribute value to the lives of others. You may find yourself a bit introspective as well, which is simply time needed to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. It's simply unhealthy to think you need to be "on" all the time. Stick with the familiar and comfortable until at least mid-September, as you're not quite in the mindset for new beginnings.

SCORPIO: You have a deep reserve of natural wisdom as well as compassion. You tend to shy away from revealing these resources, as people tend to misunderstand them. Even so, you are attracting people and you strive to present yourself in the best possible light. These resources help build your reputation and allows you to bring more creativity and imagination to each day. Your focus now is on positive energy, especially where friends and loved ones are concerned.

SAGITTARIUS: Taking time away from your busy social calendar to focus on new interests or education is beneficial to you at this time. Creative endeavors or new cultural interests are favored, and you'll want to include a few close friends or family members in these pursuits. You are also getting a much clearer idea of what your responsibilities will be going forward. Carry them out with your usual optimism, style, and grace, and you'll find your public image and reputation growing quickly.

CAPRICORN: You have an incredibly fertile mind that generates ideas that enhance your career, public life, and professional life. What good news! You're also finding that your feelings and relationships are moving into the spotlight, which is positive thing. You have naturally attractive qualities and those are quite apparent lately. All these energies combine, creating an environment in which you'll meet someone special through your interests, studies, and work.

AQUARIUS: Your dreams and goals tend toward the lofty, and today's an excellent day for pursuing them. You desire to grow and develop your vast knowledge because it's satisfying and meaningful for you. There's also a theme today pertaining to the ease in which we're able to find common ground with people we've only just met. These interactions do grow more complicated over the next few weeks but enjoy this energy now while it lasts. Networking is valuable, especially now.

PISCES: You prefer some routines in your day, as they are comforting, though today you may feel the need to update them, as you haven't done so in a very long while. Revisiting them may even bring new ideas and innovations that you hadn't considered possible before. You're also attracting new contacts and connections, as well as enhancing already close relationships. It's a positive time all around. Those entering your sphere of awareness now are especially charming and attractive.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won't believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It's unbelievable how accurate it is!

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