"Aliens" Might Be Considered An Offensive Term To Extra-Terrestrials, According To Pop Star

The pop star is known as Demi Lovato, a 29-year-old musician, actor, and now UFO advocate. The star has made headlines before and is not afraid to stand their ground for what they believe in. Lovato inspired many when they identified as nongender binary in 2021 and changed their pronouns from she/her to they/them.

Since then, Demi has been on a quest to unravel the truth about ufos, and making mind-blowing realizations. This is all part of their own spiritual journey towards open-mindedness and acceptance.

Lovato Believes ETs Mean No Harm

Demi Lovato Press pose in purple blazer

Emma McIntyre / Getty

Demi Lovato is currently promoting a new documentary named Identified, during which they go on a journey to investigate the truth about UFO sightings.

They believe that making contact can be a peaceful experience if we let it be one. In an interview with PEDESTRIAN.tv, they explained: "I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now." If we want to keep our relationship in good standing, we might need to consider how we refer to them.

But Calling Anyone "Aliens" Could Be Offensive

costume visual of alien with bug eyes

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Lovato finds that referring to extraterrestrials as "aliens" is derogatory. They explain: "I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That's why I like to call them E.T.s!"

The desire to eliminate the word "alien" when referring to otherworldly visitors might have something to do with the negative connotation it has taken historically. The word "alien" is used to refer to immigrants or people who came from other countries. This term separated them from everyone else and made them feel dehumanized.

It's An Effort To Make The World A Better Place

ET silhouette stands in sunrise sky

Stephen Leonardi / Unsplash

Lovato doesn't mean to sound controversial and told the publication that their upcoming documentary is just to give "an understanding of how much we need to take care of our planet and how much we need to learn how to expand our consciousness."

They hope that the world is ready for acceptance, even of what if we can't necessarily understand it all. Lovato holds on to this hope when they say "I think that the world is becoming a more open place, slowly, but surely, I think that we're making progress. And we're slowly getting there. But, you know, any progress is progress!"

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The Destructive Mind Games Toxic People Love To Play

Don't be Fooled Into Thinking You're The Exception

Mind games are the most destructive of all manipulation tactics. They have the power to completely destroy a person from the inside out. By the end, that person has no sense of worth, confidence, purpose or direction. They become co-dependent on the relationship of the very same toxic person who shattered them through mind games.

Don't be their next victim. Power is knowledge. If you can recognize the signs then no toxic person will ever be able to destroy you.

A Hunger for Control

man wearing red hoodie and lit mask

Sebastiaan Stam / unsplash

Toxic people can't live without feeling in control, it's basically like food to them so they will hunt for it at any cost. It usually is gradual, like at first, they'll want to choose what you eat for dinner and at what time then the next thing you know they have a say about what you wear and what job you should take.

They're just hungry for power and they need to feel like they will always have the last word. To do so, they'll find ways to "punish" you when you don't give them what they want such as by shutting you out or making you feel like your decision-making skills are nonexistent.

The Guilt Trip Game

woman with grey dipped fingertips covers her face with her hands

Jacqueline Day / Unsplash

This is another game that is all about power dynamics. Toxic people need you to feel inferior so that you're easier to manipulate and so that they could feed their ego. Ironically, toxic people are great at playing the victim. They might even cry in front of you to get you to feel bad for them and be the one to apologize.

They want you to feel like they would be lost without you so that you feel too guilty to leave them. They think that by always guilting you, you'll cave and they'll never actually need to take accountability.

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The Constant Critique

woman straps her heels as she sits against her bed putting them on

Andrea Piacquadio / Unsplash

Toxic people will use critiques to shame you about being the person that you are and eventually bring you down. They'll slowly take away anything that makes you feel good so that you feel like you have nothing but them. They'll tell you that you're not good enough and should just be happy with what you have.

They'll critique the way you look and do things so that you need constant validation. They'll make it so that you start to believe that their opinion is the only one that matters, even above your own.

The Feeling Denial, Or Gaslighting

blurred man points his finger

Adi Goldstein / Unsplash

Toxic people will completely deny you your own feelings and recollections so that they get rid of any guilt or need to apologize. Instead, they'll tell you that you're too sensitive and can't take a joke. They'll make you feel dumb for not understanding what they actually "meant". They'll disqualify you by retelling a completely new version of events that makes you question your own memories.

Really what happened is that they insulted you and you called them out, but they couldn't handle it. Sometimes it's because they can't even confront themselves and accept that they're being a terrible person.

The Bait And Switch Blame Game

woman crosses her arms as man looks at her while leaning on car

Rodnae Productions

You'll know you're in a bait and switch game when you've been arguing about something that's upsetting you, and rightfully so, then all a sudden you're defending yourself for something completely irrelevant. Turning the tables on you like that is a deflection method that puts you in the hot seat instead and takes the spotlight away from them.

Their reaction to what you did three years ago may even be more extreme than whatever it is that you initially had brought up, just to cancel you out. All the sudden everything is your fault, again.

The Rollercoaster Game

empty wooden rollercoaster

Tore Odiin / Unsplash

Katy Perry made a song about it once singing "you're hot then you're cold, you're yes, then you're no" and she probably had no idea that she was describing the epitome of a toxic relationship. Healthy relationships shouldn't be filled with ups and downs, they should be constant. While arguments are normal and even sometimes necessary, the way they're handled should be calm and they should be solved through effective communication.

Blow-ups that turn into screaming matches, then are followed by intense makeup sessions are signs of toxic manipulation. Be wary of a person who can change their behavior in a matter of minutes, without warning. This is a mind game that makes you constantly walk on eggshells and monitor your behavior.

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The 6 Signs Of An Intuition That Is Always On Point, And Should Be Listened To

The good news is that we all have intuition. Every single one of us. The bad news is, we don't all know how to tap into it. For some of us, our experience and natural abilities give us a much more powerful sense of intuition. Empaths for example are known to have an intuition that can almost feel supernatural in its strength.

So how do you know which category you fall into? Well, if you meet the following signs, then chances are your intuition is one that should always be trusted, and listened to.

Noticing 11:11 On The Clock

clock that shows 11:30 timing

Jessica Monte / Pexels

Your intuition will literally try to communicate with you. In order to get your attention, it will shift your focus to patterns such as numbers. Pay attention to them and look up what they mean. Each set of digits can reveal a lot of information on what message you are being sent.

Pay attention to other patterns and opportunities. For example, if you're struggling at work, your intuition might direct you to job postings that directly align with your interests. ​

You Feel A Peaceful Feeling Physically In Your Chest

close up of woman's hands resting on her chest

Giulia bertelli / Unsplash

When your intuition is really strong, it can start to take a toll on you physically. Some people say that they know its their gut talking when they feel a peaceful feeling in their heart. Yet, others say they feel a sinking feeling instead.

Some people even say that they feel in their intuition in the form of chest or stomach pain, kind of like their stomach is in knots. Often this can also reveal whether your intuition is warning you against something bad or simply redirecting you towards something great.

Your Dreams Are Vivid

Blurry shadow clone of a woman on blue scribbled words

Jr Korpa / Unsplash

Pay attention to your dreams as they often hold messages communicated to you from beyond, or from deep in within your subconscious. Dreams can be decoded. Falling dreams for example are a way for your body to get you to pay attention to your surroundings to prevent you from making a mistake.

Spirits will also use dreams to communicate with you as the veil between our worlds is much thinner in the middle of the night and while you're sleeping.The interesting part about intuition is that it is not linear or stuck in time, what your intuition picks up can say a lot about your past, present, and future.

You Keep Getting Sick

woman hugging he stomach while kneeling forward

Danie Franco / Unsplash

Be careful of dismissing your intuition. It may be difficult to take the risks it's pointing you to and step out of your comfort zones, but the more you push those intuitive feelings aside, the more they're bound to come out another way. Often you'll find yourself feeling stressed and physically sick.

These anxiety-like symptoms are your body's way of warning you that something feels off and that you need to listen to it and change.

Your Empathetic Abilities Are Off The Charts

woman wraps her arm around man as they sit by the water in the sun reflection

Cathy Mu / Unsplash

The more intune you are with your intuition, the more likely you are to be aligned with the universe and those around you. This will give you an ability to not only be empathic to others but to literally be able to pick up on their energy.

Your intuition will guide you in noticing when their energy is off and assess if those around you have the right kind of energy. This ability will intuitively instruct you in who to trust and who is a part of your calling.

You Know About Things Before They Happen

Blurry woman with her shadow clone looking at the camera by the water

pawel szvmanski / Unsplash

Yes, your intuition can give you a psychic-like ability. You may not be able to predict exactly what someone is going to say but you likely are able to have "a feeling" of what it will entail. You may be able to "feel" that certain situations will lead to problems or that a specific course of action is the "right" thing to do without being able to exactly explain why.

This is thanks to your experience and your natural understanding of people. Trust that acting on it will be of benefit.

You Experience One Too Many Coincidences

woman sitting on bleachers stairs and thinking

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

Coincidences are rarely ever that. They usually are a piece of a puzzle that may be hard to see in the moment. The butterfly effect for example would show that each little move will play out in a series of others moves that all depended on one another. Pay attention to pattern repetitions, odd timing and other "coincidences"

These are likely just synchonisties that are meant to confirm that you're on the right path and that your internal guidance is aligned with the will of the universe.


This Is The Most Overlooked Reason Why A Person Seemingly Gets Angry Randomly

An intense burst of rage can feel more like an attack, especially when it is projected at the wrong person. You'll be chatting about lunch and all of a sudden a person will snap at you for not passing them the ketchup. While it's common to experience moments of irritation, or even annoyance at others, it can seem quite unreasonable to get mad at them for no reason. It's actually rude and mean to project someone to a burst of anger without being able to calmly explain to them why.

If you're finding that all you want to do is scream into a pillow or punch a wall but can't figure out why, you're not necessarily a bad person, but you might be overlooking a rather obvious reason.

Your Body Is Trying To Communicate With You

body covered in white flowers from the waist down while sitting

Chris Jarvis / Unsplash

​Anger is often a side effect of something else happening in your body. It's like its own language trying to communicate with you through urgency and intensity to alert you that something is going wrong.

Often anger will come hand in hand with anxiety to tell you that something feels off. Even if this emotion is not desired, you should pay attention to it and figure out what it wants. Often the physical body is way ahead of the mind.

You Were Accidentally Triggered

red headed woman looks to the side

Ayo Ogunseinde / Unsplash

But you're thinking you were fine just five minutes ago so why is your body choosing to address this issue now, in the middle of your lunch? Well, you may not have realized it, but usually, something triggers your anger, even if it's on a subconscious level. It's interesting thinking about how our five senses trigger feelings, memories, and thoughts. You could have smelled a certain aroma or touched a certain texture that brought on that feeling of rage.

You have a few options here, you can either take the time to figure out what you could have sensed in the moment before you got upset, or you ca walk away to reset your environment.

You're Just Hoping It'll Go Away

man in red ligting looks angry

Alex Mihai / Unsplash

Let say you chose to stay, then you can't then repress what it is you're feeling, and hope it will go away. You're either not speaking your mind or not letting your mind speak itself which will only release more anger. The more you push such an intense feeling back, the more you take away the opportunity to hear out what it's trying to communicate and use that information to feel better.

You need to communicate either with yourself or talk it out with someone else. Once you give words to your feelings or thoughts, you release the anger and figure out what it is that you actually need.

It's Making You Uncomfortable

woman hides her face in her turleneck on a balcony

Spencer Backman / Unsplash

One way to decide whether to address your feelings or simply give yourself time and space if your level of discomfort. Usually, the more uncomfortable you feel, the more drastic the reason behind your anger might be.

One way to figure it out is with the HALT trick, an acronym to check-in yourself by asking "Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?" This will often reveal the reason why you're feeling so uncomfortable and finally allow you to do something about it.

It's Likely That You're Just Hungry!

woman smiles while she eats pizza and dip in a van

Gbarkz / Unsplash

This might actually be the simple answer! It's not always the case but low blood sugar can actually make you see red. The lack of fuel will make you irritable. This is why they came up with the word "hangry" to sum up "hungry" and "angry" in one state of being.

We often overlook this lack of food because we think that we need to prioritize our chores or a meeting. The reality is if we don't stop taking the time to take care of ourselves and nurture our bodies, we will actually hurt ourselves more than we will benefit.

Do You Want To Get To Know Yourself Better?

woman puts hands to her head in a "crazy" motion

Julien L / Unsplash

if you're looking for more information on how your emotions rule out your behavior and personality, then you'll need your own zodiac reading. We're each on our own unique path and what anger means for some, might not be applicable to you too but understanding your emotions is the first step to controlling them.

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This Is The Zodiac Sign That Needs The Most Sleep, And There's A Good Reason

Who gets enough sleep anymore? There just seems to be one too many things to fit in a day that we either go to bed late or wake up early. Even on the days that we force ourselves to get under the blankets at a healthy bedtime, the stress of the next day keeps us awake much longer than desired.

So "how much sleep can we get away with and still function?" should be the better question we ask ourselves. It all might have something to do with our zodiac sign. This is how much sleep each Zodiac actually needs.

Aries Needs The Least

woman doing yoga pose on bed

Mathilde Lagevin / Unspalsh

Aries just has too much to do in the day that sleep gets the least priority. Yet because of their naturally high energy, they can actually survive on as little as four hours of sleep. Even the bare minimum is enough to get by and frankly, any more sleep often feels like a waste of precious time to Aries.

They prioritize achieving their goals and making sure they're ahead of the race. If you're an Aries, just be careful not to get completely sleep-deprived and run out of fuel eventually.

Gemini Goes From No Sleep To All The Sleep

two kids having pillow fight on bed

Allen Taylor/ Unsplash

Gemini is the sign of the twins, which is almost like living with two different personalities in one Gemini body. One side is high energy, has 100 ideas running through their mind at once, and can't help its curiosity and sense of adventure. This side just can't say no to a good party even if it means sacrificing a few hours of sleep.

Then there is the other side that eventually catches up, brings some logic, and requires at least 8 hours of sleep and three naps in between. There's really no telling which way it'll go upon waking up that day.

Virgo Needs A Healthy Balance

woman typing on apple laptop in the dark in bed

Victoria Heath / Unsplash

Virgo is known to be the hardest working sign of the zodiac. To hold up to their standard, and activate their rational and practical brain, they need to make sure they're rested. That means that they will do everything they can to make sure that they get all of their work done and do it well.

If that means working longer hours one day and catching up on sleep the next day, they will find a way to balance it out. Virgo needs to make sure they schedule some downtime and value relaxation.

Leo Thrives On Naps

woman napping on chair with her arm hanging

Zohre Nemati / Unsplash

You can count on this Fire sign, to be the life of the party. They are naturally high-energy, even if it's at the cost of their sleep time. Leos finds energy in being the center of attention, which means that they love to charge up the energy of those around them so that they can up theirs too.

Instead of one long period of sleep, Leos will recharge on the occasional nap. They don't mind fitting in a two-hour nap here and a 20-minute nap there. As they are represented by the lion, these power naps can help them feel connected to their inner ruler of the jungle.

Cancer Requires The Most Sleep

man and dog cuddling and sleeping in bed

Juan Garcia / Unsplash

It turns out a Cancer can actually never get enough sleep, making them the sign that needs the most sleep on this list. Cancers tend to carry not only their energy and baggage but everyone else's too and that can feel exhausting. Plus, falling asleep can be harder for them as they need to feel nurtured and at home in their bed. They say that a Cancer can't sleep without a blanket on even when it's warm because it feels comforting and soothing.

They love to cuddle in their sleep or be tucked in to feel connected to their bed. They get their energy from happy homes and they need this shut-eye time to be able to function without letting their emotions overwhelm them.

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