A Black Friday Guide To Giving Back To The People Who Have Put Up With Us This Long

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In reality, even the best of people can be a lot to handle at times. Thankfully, there are those special people in our lives who manage to love us even at our worste and pick us up when we’re at our lowest. Those people deserve some recognition this time of year.

Gratitude should be expressed every day, and appreciation shown at every opportunity as to keep algning on a higher frequency with those who match it. That’s why we picked thank you gifts that had meaning and that replaced the words “I love you” with action.

To Mothers

The ultimate Charcuterie Boardmay be the gift all mothers want. How many times have mothers spent hours in the kitchen cooking three-course holiday dinners with minimal help until their knees hurt and their ankles swelled up?

A charcuterie board takes the pressure off of cooking and sets the stage for a night of snacking and relaxation. This charcuterie board even comes with a built-in drawer filled with serving utensils, making it the ideal picnic arrangement. For mothers who especially love organization and aesthetics, this is for them.