A Black Friday Guide To Giving Back To The People Who Have Put Up With Us This Long

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In reality, even the best of people can be a lot to handle at times. Thankfully, there are those special people in our lives who manage to love us even at our worste and pick us up when we’re at our lowest. Those people deserve some recognition this time of year.

Gratitude should be expressed every day, and appreciation shown at every opportunity as to keep algning on a higher frequency with those who match it. That’s why we picked thank you gifts that had meaning and that replaced the words “I love you” with action.

To Mothers

The ultimate Charcuterie Boardmay be the gift all mothers want. How many times have mothers spent hours in the kitchen cooking three-course holiday dinners with minimal help until their knees hurt and their ankles swelled up?

A charcuterie board takes the pressure off of cooking and sets the stage for a night of snacking and relaxation. This charcuterie board even comes with a built-in drawer filled with serving utensils, making it the ideal picnic arrangement. For mothers who especially love organization and aesthetics, this is for them.

To Fathers

Fathers are often those who make the highest sacrifice and dedication for their children without ever complaining. No matter how grown their children are, fathers are the ones still coming to fix a clogged sink or make sure husbands are up to standard.

Fathers are not just muscles, but often heroes to their children, setting the ideal for sons on the kind of men they should become and daughters for the kind of men they should look for. Frankly, it’s an exhausting role and it’s no wonder that after a long day of fatherhood,a neck massage wouldn’t hurt anyone. Especially if it’s given bya pillow who will never say no.

To Sisters

A sister is the only person you go from loving to hating back to loving all within minutes. She may steal all your clothes but she’ll always have your back. Showing her appreciation shouldn’t be limited to a single day.This gift package gives her a little bit of everything, preparing her for all kinds of situations.
If she’s feeling down, she can wear the interlocking necklace close to her heart. If she needs extra support she can wear the inspirational bracelet. When she’s going on a date or a night out, she can use the compact mirror, key chain, and fill the tumbler with wine for extra courage.. You get the idea.

To Husbands

Sometimes after a long hard day, nothing can beat a glass of whiskey on the rock, except an engraved glass set of whisky on the rocks. It comes with its own cooling stones.

This gift is personalized with a message on the box so that every time he goes for a drink, he remembers that the real gift is you. ​

To Wives

These days a woman’s bed is never complete without her array of decorative throw pillows that end up all over the floor every night at bedtime anyway. Yet, the way they bring the room together during the day makes the effort worth it for her, as it keeps the bedroom cozy and exciting to come back to.

For all the nights you can’t be home with her, cuddling her to sleep, give her a pillow she can keep close by with a picture of you. You can chose your own picture deciding on memory or face that’ll make her laugh, or make her feel loved.

To Exes

Who says the end of relationships can’t be celebrated? After all, exes are the ones who teach us the biggest lessons about ourselves, others, love and the world in general. Even if the relationship was the reason we broke for a while, without it we wouldn’t be the person that we now are.

That deserves some gratitude too. Hopefully, they can appreciate the humor in this candle and if they don’t, the smell of freedom will be just as sweet if you keep it to yourself.

To Best Friends

Protect your best friend’s heart with a man that would never betray her. Not only can she raise this boyfriend to fit her ideal and her liking, but every time she looks at it she’ll remember that someone else is watching out for her and prevent her from feeling like she needs to fill a void by dating the wrong kind of man.

All you need to grow this perfect boyfriend is water, making it the cheapest date that doesn’t talk back that you’ll ever have.

To Grandparents

At this point in their lives, there’s not much that you can get grandparents that they need or they don’t already have. What they really love to receive is company and quality time with their loved ones while they still can. For the times you can’t physically be together, use this photo frame to send them pictures directly so that they can share the memories.

The frame measures 10 inches and operates as a touch screen with wifi. The best part is that you can easily send photos in real-time to it from anywhere with an app.

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