A Couple Stayed Madly In Love For Nearly 80 Years, And Beyond

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Finding a real-world example of what has to be true love can sometimes be tough. There are plenty of amazing, happy couples out there, but there’s a certain aura presented by those experiencing true love that either we’re not around the couple enough to see, or they just don’t cross that threshold.

One such couple was found earlier this year, sharing their story of 79 years of marriage with the world. However, an update from their children proved their love was everlasting.

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What Makes A Happy Marriage?

A relationship’s longevity is often equated with its quality. The longer two people stay together, the happier they must be, and the more idyllic their marriage!

A closeup of a couple both holding a wedding bouquet.
Pexels / Trung Nguyen
Pexels / Trung Nguyen

While this isn’t always the case, it certainly was for one Ohio couple who were married for almost 80 years before passing away just hours apart.

They Spent Decades Together

Hubert and June Malicote were born in July of 1992. They began dating at 19, then got married on June 8, 1943, at the age of 21.

A greyscale image of a train arriving at the station.
Pexels / Alexander Zvir
Pexels / Alexander Zvir

The only time they spent apart was the two years Hubert was stationed in Hawaii during World War II. However, he recalled June eagerly waiting for him at the train station upon his return, and thus began the rest of their lives.

A Perfect Couple

“We’ve never had one quarrel,” Hubert told WLWT when he and June were interviewed for a story about their relationship in June of this year.

June and Hubert sitting next to one another while being filmed for WLWT.
YouTube / WLWT
YouTube / WLWT

“If there’s controversy, you might have to walk away for a couple minutes. Then you come back in and change the subject or you work it out.”

Together Forever

The two celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary this year, both having been over 100 years old.

A closeup of two wedding rings atop leather, in greyscale.
Pexels / Megapixelstock
Pexels / Megapixelstock

They also both passed away last week, less than one day apart. Hubert’s obituary said that he preceded June’s death “by only hours, marking the end of their 81-year-love story.”

They’re survived by their three children, 7 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

Honoring Their Memory

Hubert passed on November 30, and June followed just 20 hours later on December 1.

An elderly couple holding hands as they walk down the street.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

Sam Malicote, their 76-year-old son, spoke to The Dayton Daily News about his parents’ story. “I feel sad, but I shouldn’t. Who can expect to live a life like that?” he said, adding that, “They went out together.”

Everything Changed In An Instant

The Malicotes had just spent Thanksgiving together as a family when June suddenly fell ill and entered hospice care.

June being filmed for WLWT.
YouTube / WLWT
YouTube / WLWT

During one of his visits, Hubert reportedly “fell apart” and was admitted alongside his wife. He spent the next few days entirely unconscious before simply passing away in his sleep. Sam says Hubert died of a “broken heart”.

The Sweetest Duo

Their daughter Jo reminisced about how loving their relationship still was, sharing that the two of them would “hold hands and say goodnight to each other” every single night.

A closeup of an elderly couple holding hands.
Pexels / ANTONI SHKRABA production
Pexels / ANTONI SHKRABA production

She continued, “Then in the morning, they are so happy to see each other. They greet each other with huge smiles.”

They Were Eternally Grateful

Hubert once told Today that he couldn’t imagine being without June. “It’s kind of like if we aren’t together, the team is broken.”

Hubert being filmed for WLWT.
YouTube / WLWT
YouTube / WLWT

He explained that he and June enjoyed each other’s company immensely, and grew to be very grateful for all that they had after living through immense economic turbulence throughout their years together.

“We’ve had a wonderful life.”

Destined To Be Together

With how perfectly suited they were for one another, some may claim that they were a true example of soulmates. Whether it was fate, some other cosmic force, or simple Earthly randomness that brought them together, their commitment and resilience ought to be admired.

June and Hubert sitting next to one another while being filmed for WLWT.
YouTube / WLWT
YouTube / WLWT

When referencing the common wedding vow line “’till death do us part”, Hubert said, “We meant it. It meant something.”

A Tragic, Yet Beautiful Story

June and Hubert’s tale is heartbreaking, but also heartwarming.

While their passing is immensely sad, the life they were able to lead was one full of strength, trust, and love. They raised a beautiful family who celebrated life alongside them until the very end, and even then, they continue to cherish their parents’ life even after death. May Hubert and June rest in peace together.

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