A Day Before Her Death From Cancer,  This 27-Year-Old Wrote A Final Advice Letter Everyone Should Read

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We tend to constantly put ourselves in a position of lack. We never have enough or we’re always working towards the next thing. We’re constantly saving, or working towards a promotion, or too tired from our responsibilities to go on the trip we’ve always wanted or go a night out with friends. But eventually, we run out of time and realize that none of those things are significant. So what really matters in life? Take it from someone who was just about to start theirs and had to say goodbye too early.

The letter she wrote on her death should be an inspiration to us all, and help us change our perspective.

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Meet Holly Butcher

hollie's selfie smiling

hollybutcher90 / Facebook

hollybutcher90 / Facebook

Holly was just 26 years old, about to start her own life and family, when she got the news that changed everything. The moment she was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that primarily affects young people, her whole life plan shattered. Suddenly all her dreams of growing old and starting a family would be nothing but visions she would never live long enough to see.

To receive such devasting news at a young age is to have to completely change your perspective. Holly’s life was shortened and accelerated because she knew her days were numbered. She started to take notice of what truly matters, and some of the things she once paid attention to, now seemed so irrelevant.