Long Lost Lovers Find Each Other And Finally Marry 50 Years Later

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As the old saying goes “love happens when you least expect it.” You may not realize that your greatest heartbreak could one day be just the beginning of your beautiful love story. That’s the thing about love. It works in mysterious ways. It’s unexplainable but it requires patience, and trust in timing. Somehow a love that is meant to be will always find a way to be, even if it takes 50 years for that happen.

That was the case for Janice and Prentiss. When they were forced to seperate and break their engagemnt in college, they thought that they lost each other forever. The last thing they expected, was that fate would bring them back together a whole 50 years later.

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They Started Off As College Sweethearts

black and white profile photo of young Prentiss

OnlyGood TV / Youtube

OnlyGood TV / Youtube

About fifty years ago, Janice Rude was a sophomore, and Prentiss Willson was a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles. They remember the first time they ever saw each other like it was yesterday. It was an early morning in the campus cafeteria. Although they felt an immediate attraction to one another, they probably didn’t think much would happen when they first encountered each other.

“I remember the first time I laid eyes on Janice…she was working the breakfast shift at the school cafeteria” remembers Prentiss. Prentiss couldn’t get Janice out of his head. So every day, at 6 a.m. he showed up at her workplace just to see her and have a little morning exchange.