Flight Attendant Claims Ghost Of Passenger’s Dead Wife Ordered Him Tea While They Were Transporting Her Body

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As of lately, we have an increasing amount of possible evidence that ghosts are real. Between the never-ending number of witnesses who claim to have made contact with a spirit and ghost hunters who have used technology to detect changes in temperature, more and more people are starting to believe that some souls stay behind in our world past their physical bodies’ expiry date.

A former flight attendant for Emirates Airlines has left many wondering if ghosts are real after she shared the story of a time she had a full conversation with a passenger only to later find out that the woman she spoke to was actually dead. It turns out that the woman’s body was being transported in cargo. The story has gone viral on social media, take a look for yourself!

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Sandra Worked As A Flight Attendant

two flight attendants give peace sign

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

Sandra worked as a cabin crew member in the early 2000s for a Dubai-based airline. Since then, she has made a name for herself on the newest social media platform, Tiktok, where she role-plays different scenarios from her former flight attendant days.

Recently, she shared a video that went viral where she told the story of an encounter she believes she had with a ghost. She tells the story by acting out how a woman asked for tea for her husband who was asleep, only to vanish into thin air after. The story is told comically but makes you wonder if our loved ones really do pass on once they leave us in this world, or if they make themselves visible in times of need as they continue to watch over us.