Flight Attendant Claims Ghost Of Passenger’s Dead Wife Ordered Him Tea While They Were Transporting Her Body

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As of lately, we have an increasing amount of possible evidence that ghosts are real. Between the never-ending number of witnesses who claim to have made contact with a spirit and ghost hunters who have used technology to detect changes in temperature, more and more people are starting to believe that some souls stay behind in our world past their physical bodies’ expiry date.

A former flight attendant for Emirates Airlines has left many wondering if ghosts are real after she shared the story of a time she had a full conversation with a passenger only to later find out that the woman she spoke to was actually dead. It turns out that the woman’s body was being transported in cargo. The story has gone viral on social media, take a look for yourself!

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Sandra Worked As A Flight Attendant

two flight attendants give peace sign

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

Sandra worked as a cabin crew member in the early 2000s for a Dubai-based airline. Since then, she has made a name for herself on the newest social media platform, Tiktok, where she role-plays different scenarios from her former flight attendant days.

Recently, she shared a video that went viral where she told the story of an encounter she believes she had with a ghost. She tells the story by acting out how a woman asked for tea for her husband who was asleep, only to vanish into thin air after. The story is told comically but makes you wonder if our loved ones really do pass on once they leave us in this world, or if they make themselves visible in times of need as they continue to watch over us.

Sandra Believed The Woman Was A Passenger

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jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

When Sandra first came across this woman, she didn’t think anything looked out of the ordinary. She simply had noticed that the woman and her husband hadn’t had anything to eat or drink so she thought that she would go offer them some snacks and refreshments. When she went up to the woman to ask her if she needed anything, the woman seemed more concerned about her husband.

The woman insisted that her husband shouldn’t be woken up as he had just had a tough week. Instead, she asked Sandra if she could bring him hot tea for when he woke up, and told her exactly what he likes to have in it. Except we later find out that there’s no way the woman could have made this request…as she was already dead.

Sandra Remembers Her Crew Members Hadn’t Seen The Woman Either

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

As Sandra speaks with the person she thought was a passenger, the alleged ghost then tells her that she’s cold and requests a blanket. This is an interesting detail as ghosts are said to usually come with unexplained shifts in temperature. Paranormal investigators even use digital thermometers to track temperature changes as evidence of a haunting. People also often report feeling cold when they see a ghost from the change of energy.

What is even stranger is that when Sandra went back to chat with another crew member to tell her about the encounter, they seemed confused and said “someone was sitting next to him? I didn’t notice.”‘ Now imagine what the flight attendant must have looked like to other passengers if she was talking to an empty seat…

Here’s How The Whole Conversation Went

Sandra took the time to play all the parties involved in her story. With the help of wigs, costume and a green screen, she played out the whole conversation to give content to her story. She made sure to caption the video as a “true story.”

She even managed to play the dead wife’s part responding back to herself: “I don’t want to wake up my husband, he’s just had a really long week. I’m not hungry but I am cold though. Can I please get another blanket?” This is the way that Sandra remembers the conversation went.

The Moment She Finds Out The Wife Was Dead

man looks down at tea

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

The turning point in Sandra’s video is when she goes back to deliver the tea to the woman and her husband only to find the husband waking up alone. “You’re finally awake! Your wife actually asked me to bring you that green tea,'” Sandra tells him. The man seems really confused asking ‘What do you mean my wife?’ Sandra assumed his wife must have gotten up to go to the lavatory and didn’t understand the look on his face.

The woman was shocked when he told her: “My life passed away last week. I’m taking her home on this flight.” However, the man noticed the tea is made exactly to his liking so he believes the flight attendant and tells: “I think she’s just worried about me.”

A Heartwarming Paranormal Story

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

People all over the internet found Sandra’s story to be both heartwarming and creepy. Some felt the chills while others got emotional. One person commented: “While scary, it’s quite sweet that even in death his wife was looking out for him.” Another said: “I would have probably started crying had it been me.”

There is something really touching about a woman who continues to love her husband both in life and death. It takes it one step further than the vow: “till death do us part.” This feeling was echoed by a hospice nurse who experiences similar stories frequently: “I encounter dying and deceased people constantly for work… I can say based on my own experience, I believe every bit of this.”

However, not everyone appreciated the sentiment: “I don’t know whether I’m terrified or think it’s cute,” another commented while someone else responded: “I’d have to hop out of the plane. But this is also so precious.”

Live While You Can

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

jeenie.weenie/ Instagram

No one knows exactly what happens when we die so we might as well live a good life while we’re still here. Hold on tightly to those you love, travel to experience the blessings of the world, and don’t take the rest too seriously. Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won’t believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you!

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