A Four-Year-Old Boy Vanished Then Came Back As A New Child 8 Months Later

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Bobby Dunbar was just four years old when he vanished in 1912. His supposed reappearance eight months later would lead to a custody battle, a lifetime prison sentence for a possibly innocent man, and a DNA test that would finally reveal all the answers 90 years later. All because a family lost their boy, got him back, and couldn’t tell how he could be their child and yet not.

This story is as confusing as it is eerie. But let it be known that the truth always somehow comes out, and even when answers seem out of reach, the universe has a funny way of revealing everything in time. So how could a boy vanish and then come back as a new child? Let us walk you through the events.

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It All Started With A Family Daytrip

This postcard shows Bobby Dunba

On August 23, 1912, what seemed like what would be a nice innocent family day, quickly turned into every family’s worst nightmare. The Dunbars family went on a day trip to Swayze Lake in Louisiana to enjoy the fresh air with their young children. Bobby who was just four years old, was last seen splashing around in the water when he suddenly vanished.

Bobby’s parents, Lessie and Percy immediately went into panic mode and searched everywhere for their son, but with no luck. They called the authorities hoping their equipment and training would bring back their boy but the boy had completely vanished. The search for Bobby turned into a full-out statewide manhunt. But no one could find the body…This led to extreme measures of dissecting alligators and throwing dynamite into the lake hoping it would throw the boy’s body back out. Dead or alive, no one could figure out what had happened to Bobby.