92-Year-Old Grandpa Calls His Granddaughter In Tears, With A Special Request

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It is easy to forget that as we get older, our elders also get older. The chaos of our daily lives – work, relationships, hobbies – often robs us of our passing time. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and in the midst of life, we forget to nurture some of our most precious connections: our family.

The younger generations get busy with their own lives and forget about the ones who raised them. Grandkids pick a night out with their friend over Sunday dinner and don’t realize what they’ve missed out on until it’s too late, and grandma and grandpa are gone. However, that’s not the case for this duo. When grandpa called in tears, his grandaughter knew how to honor his request.

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The Healing Power of Love

screenshots of text conversation with grandpa asking for a sleepover

meganelizabeth1016 / Tiktok

meganelizabeth1016 / Tiktok

When Elizabeth’s grandma passed away from Alzheimer’s, it was only natural that her senior counterpart was left without her to feel the pain of loss and grief. However, he wasn’t left to handle this heaviness alone. The gifts of company and care that he receives from Elizabeth, captured via her iPhone, are a great lesson of the healing power of companionship, friendship, and human connection.

Text conversations between the two show the great qualities of the bond, writing: “Hi Megan, it’s grandpa. I just wanted to say that I love you and you deserve so much love and happiness. Never forget that. Love, Grandpa,” and following the sweetness with laughs: “I also want great-grandchildren so hurry up before I die.”