A Lot Of Astrological Activity Could Trigger Emotional Trauma, Here’s How Each Sign Can Prepare

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Weekly Horoscopes October 24th – 30th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV.

There’s a lot of astrological activity this week – make the most of it while you can because, on Sunday, Mars turns retrograde in Gemini, heralding a cosmic slowdown for almost three months.

Before this, though, the dramatic Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday brings an opportunity to heal emotional trauma or feuds – but this potent energy can easily backfire, so be careful who you trust.

And on Friday, Jupiter retrograde heads back into Pisces. It looks like we collectively need to re-learn something we thought we’d learned back in May this year when Jupiter was last in Pisces. What do you need to take a second look at?

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This week’s Solar Eclipse may bring shock or surprise around a debt you owe, or someone else owes you. Note that this is not necessarily a financial debt; it could be an emotional or moral one. Think carefully about canceling this debt because it is becoming a burden.

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Mortotion / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Mortotion / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

When Jupiter moves backward out of Aries on Friday, it asks you to complete the introspective quest you started in the spring. You gave up on this without ever having understood your true spiritual nature. You get a second chance now.

Mars turning retrograde on Sunday will bring you more time to pursue these quiet moments. Your ruling planet urges you to calm down, slow down, and take some time out.


For you, this week is dominated by the Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign. You may need to ask some very deep questions about your love relationship, and there could be drama, shock, or upheaval – but all in your best ultimate long-term interest.

You’ll want to keep yourself to yourself for a while from Friday, when Jupiter retrograde changes signs, but don’t cut yourself off from your friends while you’re feeling vulnerable – they can provide you with essential support.

When Mars turns retrograde on Sunday, you will have the chance to start securing your future. Focus on your material security, but your emotional security also matters here – it might be time to cut loose those who are no longer on your side.


This week’s Solar Eclipse shakes you out of your rut. Expect to feel compelled to make changes in your daily routines, possibly quite dramatic ones. You sense that some things need a radical overhaul, which is your chance to cut your losses.

This may involve reconsidering your career path, especially on Friday when Jupiter retrogrades back into this zone of your natal birth chart. Look for work that brings you emotional satisfaction, not just money.

Sunday brings a tremendous change of pace to your life as Mars turns retrograde in Gemini. This slows you down, but what you may think of as an inconvenience is a blessing in disguise. From this slower lane, you can appreciate life much more.

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You have many natural talents that you are not using – not at work, not in your hobbies, not at all. Why is that? The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday asks precisely this question and pushes you to start making better use of your gifts.

Meanwhile, Jupiter retrograde’s change of sign on Friday finds you reconsidering your education and skills. If you want to retrain or upskill your career, do your research now. Alternatively, look into expanding your mind just for the pleasure of it.

When Mars turns retrograde on Sunday in your spiritual zone, you may feel that you’ve run into an obstacle with your spiritual growth. In reality, you may simply be trying too hard. Try putting less effort in this direction and more time just sitting with your own energy.


This week’s Solar Eclipse brings shock or surprise around a family matter, most likely connected to your childhood, memories, or roots. What you discover may not please you – but you are more empowered and complete for knowing it.

When Jupiter retrograde changes signs on Friday, you should reconsider any grudges you hold, especially against those close to you. Is it time to forgive, even if you cannot forget? What purpose does your anger serve other than to keep hurting you?

Mars turns retrograde on Sunday, asking you to tone down your social life for a short while. Save your energy for your family and your downtime; your friends will understand.


Expect some surprising news connected to your wider network of people – your neighborhood, your colleagues, your childhood friends. Although this may not directly involve you, the Solar Eclipse energy still creates a wake-up moment for you.

Your love life is in focus when Jupiter retrograde moves back into your opposite sign on Friday. Get as much private time together as you can – the stresses of life may have torn you apart recently, but this can be healed now with time and love.

Make your relationship your priority, in fact, for a while. Mars turns retrograde in your career zone on Sunday, so work pressures should ease, leaving you more time for romance.

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Expect some financial uneasiness during the Solar Eclipse; you may lose some money, or your career or business may suffer a temporary setback. Don’t panic; you can regain your losses, but you’re being asked to focus less on material things for now.

When Jupiter retrograde changes signs on Friday, spend more time thinking about your holistic wellness – your mental and spiritual health, too, not just your physical health. What steps can you take to bring more vitality and joy into your everyday routines?

Mars turns retrograde in your travel zone on Sunday; if possible, this is not a great period for long-distance travel, due to confusion and mistakes. Take shorter trips in your local area – you’ll be surprised at what you might find.


The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is a major turning point in your year. You risk losing your identity, perhaps through your obsession with a relationship or your all-consuming work demands. Carve out time to be who you are – and don’t allow anyone else to define that.

You may, however, feel a little bit stifled or constrained for a while once Jupiter retrograde moves back into the joy zone of your natal birth chart. Ditch the parties or grand entertainment, and focus on finding joy in life’s tiniest details.

Mars, your ancient ruler, turns retrograde in your power zone on Sunday. It’s time for you to deal with some deep psychological issues without using anger, drama, or force of will to get your way.


The Solar Eclipse occurs in the most spiritual zone of your natal birth chart, so you can expect to understand more about what the signs and synchronicities around you have been trying to show. Hidden revelations may be shocking – but empowering too.

With Jupiter retrograde moving back into the family zone of your chart on Friday, you may want to re-think or put on hold any major home improvements. This energy is about loving what you have, not wanting something bigger, better, or different.

Speaking of love, Mars turns retrograde in your opposite sign on Sunday, which will need careful handling. Your passion levels may drop for a while, so be sure to reassure your partner about how much you love them.

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Someone you know – but not that well – could significantly impact your life during this Solar Eclipse. Be prepared to listen to the advice you’re given, even if it comes out of the blue. The Universe is acting with your best interests at heart.

Keeping up with friends could be something of a chore when Jupiter retrograde changes signs on Friday. You’ll find yourself easily bored and somewhat apathetic about staying in touch. Do make the effort, or those who care for you will feel bewildered and hurt.

Don’t worry if your energy sags still further on Sunday, however. With Mars turning retrograde in your wellness zone, you’re bound to feel more tired than usual. Use that as motivation to take better care of yourself through good sleep and healthy food.


The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday occurs in the career zone of your natal birth chart – prepare for a shock or a surprise that may put you suddenly in the spotlight. Don’t panic – this is your chance to shine. You are much more talented than you realize.

However, with Jupiter retrograde moving back into your money zone on Friday, one of your talents – spending money! – needs reigning in. Look to cut costs or save money wherever you can.

It might help that Mars turns retrograde on Sunday in your party zone; you’ll be much happier with family and your own company for a couple of months now, so save time, energy, and money by enjoying your home life instead of the nightlife.


This week’s Solar Eclipse asks you to take a very big leap of faith. The Universe is presenting you with an opportunity, but you can’t see the whole picture. Say yes, anyway. What else is life for?

Jupiter retrograde moves back into Pisces on Friday, reminding you in no uncertain terms that we make our own luck. Don’t wait for what you want to fall into your lap. Ask for it, go after it, get it.

With Mars turning retrograde in the home zone of your natal birth chart on Sunday, however, the one exception to that is your home and family life. Plans in this area are best left to sit for a while, so try to avoid any drastic action.

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