A Redditor Explains The Process of Spiritual Evolution From Chakras, To Clairvoyance And Astral Projection

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It can be overwhelming to understand the complex aspects of spiritual evolution as we embark on our journey. Reddit user, Faiscajoe, used the findings of his own spiritual journey to give a brief explanation of how the process of spiritual evolution takes place. He shares that these findings are based on years of studies, experiences, and explanations provided by spiritual guides.

The first and most important step is to know that we have multiple bodies…

The Physical Body

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Marcos Paulo / Unsplash

Marcos Paulo / Unsplash

The first body is the one that we use to interact with the world around us. It is the one that we are most aware of and that receives the most direct impact.

However, Faiscajoe explains that the physical body has limits and at some point, it will stop working. He says that this is the process that we know as “death.”

Energetic Or Etheric Body

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The second body we have is the energetic or etheric body. This is where the chakras and energy channels known as “nadis” are located.

This body is linked to the physical body. However, the Redditor highlights that the main difference is that when the physical body stops functioning (when we die), the energy body “dissipates”.

Astral Or Spiritual Body

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Bruce Christiano / Unsplash

Bruce Christiano / Unsplash

Then there is the astal or spiritual body, and perhaps the most complex body to comprehend. “This is the body we use when we die or when we are in an out-of-body experience. The spirit body does not die. We stay with this body until we need to reincarnate again,” he explains.

Unlike the physical body, the astral body has fewer limitations, even though it appears to look the same.

Mental Body

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Darius bashar / Unsplash

Darius bashar / Unsplash

The mental body is where the mind lives. This is where we store all of our experiences and memories, from this world and past ones. We use this body to first process all of our actions, decisions, and reflections, and then to manifest them into other bodies.

“When we reincarnate, the mental body brings all the learning we had in past lives, contributing to our spiritual progress.”

Opening Your Chakras

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Sarah Brown / Unsplash

Sarah Brown / Unsplash

It is very important to open up and stabilize our chakras and “nadis” in the process of spiritual evolution. Think of it this way: “a person who is spiritually evolved will always have the higher chakras more active compared to the lower chakras.”

Lower chakras are active through negative emotions like anger and greed. On the other hand, higher chakras are active through pure and positive emotions, such as love and tranquility. We can open up our chakras through meditation or practicing our passions.

Nurturing Emotions Over Lifetimes

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Ashley Batz / Unsplash

Ashley Batz / Unsplash

The redditor acknowledges that we go through all kinds of negative and positive emotions every single day. What is important to note is our spiritual body is “programmed” to act in a very specific way if our emotions and feelings are in a certain pattern. For example, if we allow frequent negative thoughts we create a power of negative attraction.

“A person who after several lifetimes learns to only nurture positive emotions and develop concentration (and I reiterate, this is something that only happens with several lifetimes of suffering and learning), will be able to extensively keep the upper chakras active.”

Developing clairvoyance

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Alexander Shustov / Unsplash

Alexander Shustov / Unsplash

The spiritual evolution process has a huge impact in unlocking certain powers in us naturally and safely, like the development of clairvoyance. These powers tend to be sleeping in us through society’s conditioning.

As we energize the third eye and purify our energy, we reach new heights and capacities like ease of obtaining out-of-body experience. The Redditor explains: ” since the energy upon reaching the Muladhara chakra will also clear all the nadis throughout the body, it will facilitate the astral body detachment from the physical body; manifesting certain ‘powers.'”

Projecting From The Physical Body

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Lea Dubeout / Unsplash

Lea Dubeout / Unsplash

The process of energy passing through the Nadi to the upper chakra, when the energy reaches the top of the head, unlocks the ability to travel outside of the physical body.

“A person who is in more advanced conditions will be able to perform mahāsam,dhi, when the individual consciously chooses to definitely detach from the physical body. When this happens, that person has no need to incarnate again, as all his karma is already dissipated.”

The Second Death

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Engin Akyurt / Unsplash

Engin Akyurt / Unsplash

Once a person is able to consciously travel outside of their second body, they experience the process known as “the second death. This is when the spirit leaves the astral body and only manifests through the mental body.

We no longer have a need for a physical body at that point and can move on on to our next life.

Knowledge Is Power

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JR Korpa / Unsplash

JR Korpa / Unsplash

Before you try too hard and wonder why you’re not able to reach this height in your spiritual evolution, remember that the Redditor shares” everything I said in this post happens naturally, throughout our different lives.

Everyone will someday reach the point where they no longer need to reincarnate on this planet, without having to learn a specific meditation technique, for example. The only thing I can recommend to you is knowledge”

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