A Strong Woman Doesn’t Seek Revenge

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She has been struggling with anxiety for a long time now and she continues to carry on with strength. She is not a victim to her mental battles, because she knows in her soul that she’s so much more than the demons living in her head.

She’s learned to keep her head up in the midst of chaos, so the word weakness is not a part of her significant vocabulary.

She’s a strong woman because she has managed to survive the battlefield know as life. Dealing with mental illness takes an insane amount of courage just to survive.

She manages to get through the day, but she is tired of all the coping mechanisms and has found her own way to calm her anxious mind. She always continues on with determination.

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She knows it is essential to never give up. She has so much to give and cannot allow her condition to dictate the outcome of her life.

She has goals. She has dreams. Just like everyone else, all she ever wanted was to be herself.

Often times, her anxiety plays tricks on her, but for the most part she is able to tap into her inner goddess, fight back, and quickly recover.

Constantly struggling with anxiety can drain the life out of her, but that doesn’t mean she will ever give up on herself.