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19 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

Mental strength makes a huge difference in how you react to things. Responding to stress properly is essential. Here are 19 things mentally strong people avoid doing:

1. They don't dwell in their pasts.

2. Failure doesn't make them give up.

3. They don't waste time.

4. They don't wallow in self-pity.

5. They accept change with open arms.

6. They don't let themselves make the same mistakes over and over again.

7. They don't fear taking risks.

8. They don't take risks without weighing the options and outcomes.

9. They don't fear being alone.

10. They don't need instant gratification.

11. They don't try to control the world.

12. They don't hate other people for their success.

13. They don't care about pleasing everyone.

14. They don't fear being single.

15. They don't let anger get the better of them.

16. They don't let anyone else determine how they live their lives.

17. They don't let fear leave them scared and closed minded.

18. They don't put up with bullshit from others.

19. They don't ever accept anything unquestioningly.

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