Watch Their Actions, Not Their Words

5 Signs You Haven't Found "The One" Yet

Society has trained us all to constantly search for "the one..."

The one who finishes our sentences, compliments our lives, and is the perfect one to grow old with. Many of us experience false starts, believing we've found the one but being woefully mistaken.

Have you not yet found the one? Here are 5 signs your partner isn't the one.

1. They've violated your trust.

Something your twin flame won't ever do is violate your trust. They aren't cheaters, they aren't liars, and they hold your happiness well above all else.

They know where the boundaries are and they respect them always.

2. They can't communicate.

Your perfect partner, the one you've been looking to, is a master communicator. They know how to communicate their thoughts and feelings with you, as well as give you the space needed to get your thoughts out there too.

The lines of communication stay open with them. If your partner would rather play Xbox than talk about things, they're probably not the one.

3. They're emotionally immature.

A person can be emotionally mature at the age of 14 and emotionally immature at the age of 100. This isn't an area where we can discriminate based on age.

Emotional immaturity is the inability to maturely process your emotions. You should be able to feel a broad range of emotions without withdrawing or freaking out.

4. They don't plan for a future together.

When you talk about the future, you hear the word "I" a lot. "I plan to go to this grad school," or "I plan to move to this city."

Sure, you might be dating, but if their plans seem to only involve what they're going to do, not what you're going to do, the signs are all there.

5. They just haven't grown up yet.

This is similar to lacking emotional maturity. You can be grown up as a child and still a child as a grownup. It makes little difference how old you are.

If your partner still gossips with her girlfriends or stays out all night with his guyfriends and that doesn't work for you, see the signs and do what you know you must.

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