This Is The Simple Tactic Narcissists Use To Keep You Addicted Forever

If you've never dealt with a narcissists it's pretty safe to say that they are some of the most violent manipulators that anyone could ever have the displeasure of being involved with on any kind of level.

These kinds of people do not care for whatever happens to anyone else, just as long as they are getting what they want out of you they are more than happy.

One of the main reasons that a narcissistic person is able to have such a hold on people is because of this certain type of method that they like to induce in every single relationship that they have: Intermittent reinforcement.

To explain what this means, this type of reinforcement is essentially when any kind of rules, personal boundaries, or rewards are being handed out/enforced occasionally as well as inconsistently.

What happens as a result from this method is that a person will be pushed to their limits in order to get what they want without any kind of change in their own behavior.

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