This Is The Simple Tactic Narcissists Use To Keep You Addicted Forever

A perfect example of this is how someone might post a picture of themselves onto any kind of social media platform, obsessing over how many likes they've gotten or any kind of negative feedback they can respond to.

This person could potentially be a narcissist simply because they have an endless obsession with themselves they can get over, or perhaps they are just another victim to intermittent reinforcement which allows them to feel something whenever being randomly praised for their looks.

For a narcissist, they will do everything in their power to make sure that you do everything for them and only for them. This can be said about every single relationship a narcissist has with someone.

Time and time again they prove to be nothing but bad experiences but then all of a sudden you come across that beautiful rare moment when they decide to give you some positive feedback for once, stringing you along until the next big rare "happy-moment" comes along and they can just do it all over again.

Feeding someone the belief that they are doing extremely poorly for an extended period of time until that one good occasion is a prime example of intermittent reinforcement.

A narcissist will talk about all of the positive aspects about your person, praising you for your beauty, intelligence, and whatever else they can think of in that moment in time to make you believe you are actually getting somewhere with them.

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