Emotionally Strong People Survive Because They Never Do These Things

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Being mentally and emotionally strong is one of the keys to whether or not you live a good, happy life. Emotional strength comes in many different levels and they all take work.

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Emotions, if left unchecked, can control everything that we do and boot logic from the equation entirely. Without emotions though, we’d lead much emptier lives with little reason to take care of ourselves and others.

But fortunately, you can rein in out of control emotions. These are 11 things emotionally strong people don’t do.

1. They don’t desire attention

finger wipes tear from blue eyes
Yan Lev / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Yan Lev / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Emotionally fragile people often require validation and attention from people around them. This leads them to taking actions that they are later ashamed of and sometimes drive people away instead of drawing them in.

These people cry out for attention in many different ways, but you won’t see an emotionally strong person acting that way. They validate themselves.

They pay attention and take care of their own needs. If they’ve accomplished something awesome, yeah, they’re not going to turn down a little bit of extra attention.

But they don’t try to seek it out.